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This photo has been traveling around the web and recently I shared it on my twitter. There are several good theories as to why he's in this position. 

#1 He has died in this pose. 

Has the man been completely exhausted, overworked in his life of a salaryman and died?

After all, there are unique ways of disposing of dead bodies on the train in Japan, usually in a neat and organized fashion, as they are collected by station police and then incinerated into the train's energy system which is pretty convenient. ^^ 

#2 The woman next to him smells rather nice. 

Its possible that right now there is a new craze of women's perfume going about, it drives men crazy- so much that they are compelled to lunge themselves toward the women carrying such irresistible scents. 

#3 He's a child stuck in a man's body, and he's hanging out with his mother, the woman next to him. 

Possibly traveling with mommy, he's looking at her and describing his great need to take a poo as he writhes with nature's call in need to go, flexing his nether-cheeks in his urges. 

#4 He's trying to see something we cannot. 

Somewhere in that bench is a shiny coin, maybe a 100 yen coin which he could very conveniently use on the way home. Was he fired from some of the harsh working conditions among salarymen in the metropolis of Tokyo?? He could need to save any change he can find. 

#5 He is asleep. 

The most probable guess is that he took a nap on the train and wound up in that position. But why THAT position? 
Regardless, you sometimes hear or see amusing pictures of business folk taking naps at train stations, on trains, sometimes on the bus, and more in Japan as many workers tend to stay late at their jobs. By late, I mean very late. There's a sort of cycle that exists in many jobs in Japan between bosses and employees, where one or the other refrain from leaving the other behind or sometimes employees fear leaving before the boss. Pressure from coworkers come in form of 'slacking' excuses when checking out before others, and working late has the air of doing a 'good job'. Its not this way for everyone, but its a common occurrence and often results in workers taking naps on journey in between home and work. 

If he is asleep, this guy must have been pretty beat. 
What do you think?


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