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Skater Performs as Sailor Moon on Ice

The International Skating Union holds a World Team Trophy in Figure Skating competition every other year with participating countries sending in a team of eight athletes. 
Last weekend the latest competition took place in Tokyo where the event has continued this year, recurring for the past five events. 

Skater and proud anime fan Evgenia Medvedeva was happy to join team Russia. She's a big fan of Sailor Moon and also fond of Yuri!!! on Ice as well. Medvedeva decided on a music track that would be most recognizable, "Moonlight Densetsu", the Sailor Moon anime's original opening, and proceeded to do one of her performances dressed as protagonist Usagi Tsukino, going as far as to reenact scenes from the anime and throwing in a classic transformation scene.

During her performance Medvedeva even sung along, even saying the classic line, “Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!” (“In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”). 

Japanese Marin Honda was impressed by Medvedeva and the two took a photo together doing poses from Sailor Moon.


Before leaving Japan, Medvedeva found some Yuri!!! on Ice standees, getting a photo with Victor standee.


This isn't the first time that Evgenia Medvedeva has brought her cosplay into her skating career, last year she performed and met Sailor Moon Author and Artist Naoko Takeuchi herself.



 Evgenia also collects lots of merch as well.


Its amazing to see anime fans embrace their hobby life and bring the magic of their passions into their career in creative ways. 

Keep doing what you're doing Evgenia Medvedeva!



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