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Online Gaming: What are you playing?

Here's some of the online games I've been playing lately. I've recently got back into Star Wars Battlefront after seeing Rogue One (which I loved) and I've needed to scratch that Star Wars itch as of late. 

All of these are great though. I was really into Assassin's Creed Unity late last year and finished it up a couple months ago, you can find my arbitrary review here
Unity has a great Co-Op mode of up to 4 players and it often really feels like you're working together as Assassin brothers. ^^ I don't play it anymore but I'll hop on if someone contacts me for help in the Co-Op modes. 

Titanfall 2 is a cool fast paced online fps multiplayer, but sadly I haven't given it the time it deserves. 
As for Battlefield 1 I played the crap out of it since October last year and was able to get all of my soldier classes past rank 2 where you get the gold trophies and are able to unlock all the guns. :D Only reason I've taken a break from it now is because I feel like I've accomplished everything I've wanted to do- but that new "They Shall Not Pass" DLC looks interesting, but I may wait until more DLC is released to return, unless any of you want to play with me sometime- shoot me an invite. 

For Honor is one of several games I was anticipating playing on the PlayStation 4 Pro, and I've just recently installed it. First time getting online with it there was a server maintenance only 5 minutes into starting the game and choosing my warrior. ^^;; So I'll have to give it another go soon. I feel bad I haven't actually played much of it yet, but I'm also waiting for RA:N Editor Onyx Goggles so we can team up.
I picked Vikings first in case you're wondering. I like all 3 classes though. (Vikings, Samurai, and Knights) 
I hear there's more on the way? Or is that a rumor?


The Sofmap building in Akihabara was advertising For Honor back in February. Seeing this photo today made me want to talk about the current online games I've been playing and ask you what you've been playing too. 

What online games have you been playing?

What Online Games Are You Playing?

League of Legends
Call of Duty
Final Fantasy XIV Online
For Honor
Star Wars Battlefront
Titanfall 2
Dota 2
Starcraft 2
Counter Strike GO
World of Warcraft
Team Fortress 2
GTA Online
Ragnarok Online 2
Phantasy Star Online 2
World of Tanks
Please Specify:
Just started the Mass Effect: Andromeda online multiplayer, and I'd like to play with more comrades! Those who've been following me through the years know I'm a huge Mass Effect fan. On my facebook I expressed that I was initially somewhat put off by Andromeda, but that is no longer the case as I've restarted the game with some custom options post-fix (a recent patch update fixed a ton of stuff) and now I've grown to love it very quickly. 

Here's my Sara Ryder so far: 



As for Overwatch I've been playing since it's release last summer, with only a small break these past couple months. I've missed most of the Uprising event, but I plan to get back into it soon, I really miss the characters. is my main tank, Mercy is my healer, and I also love Mei. 

Onyx Goggles bought a couple Blizzard blind boxes the other day and I pulled that Soldier 76 figure from Overwatch. ^^


Haven't been into fighting games as much or taking to the net to get my butt handed to me as most of the fighting games I have been into are on PlayStation 3 and have been out for a while. 
I do have Guilty Gear Xrd on PlayStation 4 as seen above, but the latest fighting game I've been into is Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late, and still playing Dengeki Bunko Ultimate Fighting Climax! 

I want to get back into Blazblue again, but there's so many games out and coming out!


I also have Final Fantasy XIV but only played for a little while- a comrade of mine, RA:N Contributor Erika Shifujima, actually plays pretty religiously and runs one of the most successful and active guilds in the game. x.x She also plays RA:N Mascot Reika in the game as well! 
Not sure if I'll get back into it or not, but if you see Erika in-game feel free to join up with her she says.


The PS Vita also isn't a bad place to play online games. I myself play some Killzone Mercenary from time to time, along with Dragon's Crown, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, and some other online or local Co-Op games. 

A lot of people seem to forget you can Remote Play too, so when I feel like kicking back I like to play Star Wars Battlefront or Overwatch on my PS Vita too.

I got into Monster Monpiece some time ago, the card battles can be pretty fun and there are online battles too. 
If you play enough online battles you can get special keys for certain unlocks. Still learning how it all works but it is fun.


Freedom Wars is more of a local Co-Op or solo game, but I highly suggest it, especially if you like games like Monster Hunter or God Eater.


A shot of the back of the Freedom Wars case. 

 What's your preferred way to play online games?

Favorite Way To Play Online Games?

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Portable
Xbox One
Xbox 360
Nintendo DS/3DS
Nintendo Wii/WiiU
Nintendo Switch
Please Specify:


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