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Man Lives In Public Toilet for 3 Years

-Tokyo- After an Usuki government contracted electrician spotted a human shaped shadow while installing a light, the electrician contacted the city who sent some authorities to investigate. 

They opened a hatch above the toilet that lead to a 92-square-meter crawlspace that was furnished, complete with a gas stove, clothes, supplies, and even magazines. Why was someone living in there?! At least they had necessities, right? And if they needed to answer nature's call, the toilet was just down below. 

Anyway, the entire crawlspace was found to be clean, and among it all they even found the resident who the police immediately took into custody. 
Afterward, the police discovered the man to be 54-year-old Takashi Yamanouchi of Gifu Prefecture, and Yamanouchi told them he departed his home over 10 years ago and drifted from place to place afterward until finally making it to Oita, where the toilet and attic home was. 
 The police found that among the neatly furnished toilet attic, was also some meticulously organized bottles- about 300 of them- which were full of urine. No one knows why they were there exactly, but its rumored that he didn't even use the toilet below to prevent from being caught. 
It was also discovered that he had not been the only person living there. Yamanouchi told police that he found the toilet when he saw another person go into it and proceed into the crawlspace. They lived together for some time, and one day the original person left and Yamanouchi continued living there, staying unknown for 3 years there in Oita. 

 This is pretty nuts, but we don't know exactly 'why' he wanted to be there so badly. Police are having a difficult time even deciding what in the world they should do with the guy, because a fine would be pretty pointless but actually sending him to prison may actually be an upgrade from what he had in the first place. 
Yamanouchi may be an alright guy, who knows, he was able to pretty much keep to himself and even stay clean and organized. 
Its impossible to know just how long he would have even stayed there if he was allowed to- probably a lot longer, and we also don't know why he left his home in the first place.
The fact that he said he had been drifting makes me think he lost it, which would explain the toilet/attic or crawlspace home as a decent place for someone who's homeless. 

Too bad the bathroom he lived in/above in Oita for 3 years wasn't nicely decked out in anime characters like this one below. At least there'd be pretty anime girls on the way out or while returning. lol!


Source: Yahoo! Japan News, Mainichi Shimbun 


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