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She's at it again! Dragon Ball Gals Android No.18 Ver. II!

Introducing Megahouse's newest addition to their Dragon Ball Gals series: Android No.18 Ver. II! 

Scheduled for release on June 2017, she makes a great addition for anyone collecting the Dragon Ball Z figures who have been training in the eye candy department. 

Posed to look sexy and still keeping her cold steely gaze, this is one lady worth risking to take a good look at. Please don't hurt me, Android 18!! 

You can add her to your team at these places: Hobby Search, AmiAmi, and these Megahouse affiliates! Curious about the others? 

Check them out here at Megahouse's Dragon Ball Gals homepage. Untitled Untitled  Untitled  Untitled  Untitled  Untitled  Untitled  Untitled  Untitled 


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