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The progressive neoclassical darkwave baroque pop/rock band, Ali Project, is coming out with a new single on March 29th for their 25th anniversary. 
The new single features backing vocals from anison group JAM Project

Available from Lantis, the new single is called "Himiko Gaiden" and comes with 2 editions. 
The track the single is named after refers to the ancient Japanese queen Himiko. 

Here's an excerpt of Himiko Gaiden's music:


Ali Project started out in the 80's under the name Ari (Ant) Project with it's two members, Arika Takarano and Mikiya Katakura, and went major in the early 90's after changing their name to Ali Project. The band is known to anime fans for several hit featured songs for multiple series such as Fate/Extra, Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom-, Code Geass, Linebarrels of Iron, .hack//Roots, Rozen Maiden, and Noir.


 Ali Project's music mostly takes a dark and mysterious tone that they are known for having but sometimes shift to lighter tones. Lead singer and lyricist Akira Takarano calls this shift "Black Alice" (黒アリ Kuro Ari) and "White Alice" (白アリ Shiro Ari). Ali Project played their first US concert at Sakura-con in Seattle, Washington in 2008 where they insisted upon making their North American debut, and have since played at many more US anime convention and Japanese Pop Culture events such as the recent Anime Boston 2016.



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