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J. Michael Tatum, Brina Palencia, Trina Nishimura, and Liam O'Brien slated for Sac Anime Summer 2017

Its February and Sac Anime has already announced 4 more Guests of Honor coming for the Summer 2017 convention in Sacramento, California! 
As usual Sac Anime has it's contacts-book open wide to bring attendees a load of voice acting talent.  The individuals they have lined up are always a treat to meet and see at the event whether returning or new to the con.

J. Michael Tatum, best known for his roles as Kraft Lawrence in Spice and Wolf and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji will be returning for his 5th visit to the con. Also from Spice and Wolf and Kuroshitsuji like Tatum, Brina Palencia known for her role of Holo, and Ciel from Kuroshitsuji (I see what they did there) will be returning for her 3rd visit to Sac Anime. 

Liam O'Brien is returning to Sac Anime for his 9th time appearing at the convention since 2008, a fan favorite known for his role as Gaara in Naruto among many others. 
Last but not least is Trina Nishimura who's coming back for her 3rd time at Sac Anime, known for her roles in Evangelion, Shingeki no Kyojin, and Evangelion.

There's a good 7 months to go until September and so far this makes 7 Guests of Honor so far with these four mentioned above joining Roger Craig Smith, Adrian Paul, and John Ratzenberger. 

Most of the guest lineup so far is made up of voice actors and english dubbers for anime and games, with the convention putting less focus on Anime and Japanese Pop Culture in recent years, curiosity fills the air as to who we will see being announced over the coming months. 
Sac Anime is known to have a vast list of guests each year and we're excited to see who will return and who will be a new addition to Sacramento's Pop Culture convention. 

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