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Funimation Data Breach Compromises 2.5 Million Accounts

Recently announced over at Anime News Network, a data breach occurred that has compromised an estimated 2.5 million Funimation accounts. 
The information compromised includes usernames and passwords, dates of birth, email addresses and possibly more has been exposed. 

Funimation is the company behind some of the largest amount of english dubbed anime and animated movies, and in recent years proved to be a popular streaming network along the lines of Crunchyroll

If you've got an account with Funimation it is a good idea to change your password now. 
ANN states that they were tipped by 2 users about the breach, and that currently Funimation has yet to respond to ANN's request for comments on the data breach. Funimation's website is void of any mention of the breach or any warnings to protect your account, and no emails have been sent either.

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