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ONE OK ROCK's "We Are" MV Released

Released today by bilingual Japanese Rock sensation, ONE OK ROCK, is their new song "We Are", released in 2 versions- one is the Japanese version and the other is their regular version. 
The two full versions of "We Are" are a glimpse at what's to come on their upcoming album, "Ambitions". ONE OK ROCK will be releasing an English version of their album in a couple days on January 13th, but a couple days before then on January 11th the Japanese album will be out first. 

 Its been two years since the band released 35xxxv and the new one will contain 14 new songs, including the recent single, "Taking Off". 
 ONE OK ROCK stated as well that there will be two guests with them on the album, but only hinted that one was someone they've toured with recently, and the other wont be a surprise

 I'm loving both of these versions released here, as well as their previous single and the song "Bedroom Warfare", all coming soon, and more, to Ambitions. 

Check out these songs below: 


(via AramaJapan and ONEOKROCKchannel and Fueled By Ramen)


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