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New Full Metal Panic Season Officially Announced

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory is the series' 4th animation, and a whole new season that was just announced on Wednesday! We knew for some time now that the possibility of a new season could happen thanks to light novel releasing new content and various tweets as well as hints coming from the Full Metal Panic! website. 

I myself am overjoyed to hear about this news and am super excited to see what's in store. Full Metal Panic! was a show that locked me in to watching more anime on-demand in the early 2000's and in-turn also helped me discover more. 
Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu was also a riot and one of the first full-comedy anime shows I ever enjoyed to the extent that I did. 

 Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory will have Katsuichi Nakayama (planetarian, Bodacious Space Pirates The Movie: Abyss of Hyperspace, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo) directing the new season over at studio XEBEC. The author of the original novels, Shoji Gatoh, will be handling the scripts himself- that's great because the original creator's hand is directly involved. 
Returning once again for character design on the series is Osamu Horiuchi, with a list of mechanical, supporting, and set designers as well. 

More info on that list at ANN.


We can see a nice key visual here, with many returning characters seen above. There's also teasing that a stage event will occur to announce important information on the Full Metal Panic! franchise itself. Interesting! 

This is a strong franchise with beloved characters that deserves to stay in the light as long as it can, personally I want to continue seeing this franchise go places.


Also posted on the website is a new episode of Odoru Very Merry Christmas (Dancing Very Merry Christmas) which is an audio drama, titled "Yotei wa Mitei" (Plans Undecided) with plans to launch on January 23rd. 
If you're interested the first episode, Queen's Gambit is actually already out there. 

First Code Geass coming back, now Full Metal Panic! I am quite happy about these recent anime announcements! 
I'm so excited to see Sosuke, Kaname, and the gang at it again in whatever the new series will be about. What about you? Excited? 

via ANN and Yaraon!

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