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Lauren Landa Coming to FanimeCon 2017!


Lauren Landa is a Voice Actress who's played many notable charactes in the english dubs in a variety of anime and video games. FanimeCon announced recently that Lauren will be appearing at FanimeCon 2017 in San Jose, California, as a Guest of Honor. 
This makes her the second GOH that the convention has announced so far, the first being fellow Voice Actor, Chris Cason. 

Lauren has been in some big titles that have been wildly popular in recent years such as BlazBlue as Litchi Faye-Ling, Attack on Titan as Annie Leonhart, Nao Tomori in Charlotte, and she's also been in Sailor Moon as Sailor Neptune. 

 A full list of her roles can be found here.


FanimeCon is notorious for announcing guests up until the final days before the convention, usually beginning the announcements with the more lower profile guests firsts and working their way up to their more highest profile ones- usually right after pre-registration and housing (hotel) registration goes up. 

Incredulously, Father of J-Rock and mega rock superstar Yoshiki Hayashi was announced via Twitter to appear during the con itself without any mention on FanimeCon's website. 

FanimeCon is one of the larger quality anime conventions that boasts a sizable amount of content and attendees with their 24-hour programming, and features an environment that carries their "by fans, for fans" mission and approach to the overall convention. 

By far its one of my most favorite conventions, however often requires that one stay proactive with FanimeCon announcements in various online places to truly make the most of it. 
With nearly 5 months left until the event, we expect to see many more Guest of Honor announcements to roll in as we get closer to May. 


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