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JPOP SUMMIT 2017 Promo Video

Taking place over 2 days, JPOP SUMMIT is a yearly event in San Fransisco, California that is growing by the year. JPOP SUMMIT features a variety of Japanese Culture (art, innovations, music, food, fashion) with a focus on popular Japanese Music talent. 

The event used to take place in Japan Town, but most recently has a larger venue at the Festival Pavilion building- with 2017's venue still to be announced.

JPOP SUMMIT has released this excellent promotional video which showcases some of what you can expect from the show. 
I'm pretty impressed to see how far the event has come since 2009. If you're into Japanese Culture, definitely check out this event if you can! 

 Next JPOP SUMMIT will take place on September 9th and 10th, 2017

 Promo video below featuring the event and music by WORLD ORDER:


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