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PlayStation Experience Reveal Roundup

PlayStation Experience 2016 kicked off this past weekend in Anaheim, California, at the convention center there. 
PS-Ex is basically a miniature E3 or convention for PlayStation to show off a load of upcoming titles and release breaking news about releases, new expansions and DLC, and even more. 

In this post you'll find a nice round-up of all the major reveals that occurred over the weekend at PlayStation experience, saving you from trudging through an onslaught of short media posts on giant games journalism sites that updated literally every nook and cranny as titular information was flowing out. 
This list is in no particular ranking or order. 


 #1 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite 

Quite possibly one of the most internet-shaking reveals to possibly come out at the butt-end of 2016, MvC:Infinite is coming out way in the near future!



Suda51, the mind behind No More Heroes, and fan of 3 word titles, brings us his newest creation.

#3 What Remains of Edith Finch Untitled  

Interesting, this one gave me a chill.

#4 Nex Machina


Looks awesome, sounds awesome, I want to play this!

#5 Horizon Zero Dawn


I've said it before and I'll say it again, this game looks breathtaking and every time we see more of it, it just gets better. Just a couple months to go until release! New trailer below.

#6 Ace Combat 7


Ace Combat returns to the scene once again! Its been a while since we've had a main entry, the last release being a Free-to-Play for PS3, Ace Combat Infinity. Just before Infinity we had Assault Horizon which came out in late 2011, which to unpopular opinion, ended up being one of my favorites. Check out the Ace Combat 7 trailer below. that a VR MODE!?

#7 Absolver


 #8 Gravity Rush 2 (aka Gravity Daze 2)


Highly anticipating this one! I loved Gravity Rush on my Vita, and plan on playing the remastered for PS4. I can only imagine how awesome Gravity Rush 2 will be. Who plans on trying to play it in VR? Prepare the barf bags!! lol! Although I do have to say this trailer below doesn't exactly show as much flying and falling as the first, but we'll see!

#9 Lara Croft Go


Continuing their fashion of making great mobile games based on big hit franchises of theirs, Square Enix releases another 'Go' title for Lara Croft this time.

#10 Knack 2


No one really expected this, (or possibly wanted it) but Knack 2 is happening. 
I haven't played Knack myself, but I remember seeing the heart poured into it's development which was really just a large tech-demo turned game headed by Mark Cerny, who played a big part in developing the PlayStation 4's system architecture, and who worked to build the systems inside of it that controls how many particles and polygons the system is capable of showing at one time. 

The first Knack's gameplay was down right obvious a big test for the PS4's particle capability, resulting in an otherwise mediocre story. To me Knack 2 has a little more charm than it's predecessor, we'll see. Maybe its just those catchy tunes.



Another big reveal over the weekend was a new Ni no Kuni game! The first was beautiful and fun, a real breath of fresh air when it released in the JRPG genre. Ni no Kuni II: REVENANT KINGDOM looks just if not more amazing to me. Enjoy the trailer below.

#12 Destiny: Rise of Iron - The Dawning


New Sparrow racing event, quests, and more.

#13 Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Yet more Yakuza awaits! Why not?!

#14 Vane


This is another one of those that strikes me as an artistic indie game. We've had a load of them between PlaySation 3 and PlayStation 4, and they're always welcome. That music is nice too.

#15 WipEout Omega Collection


Happy to see Wipeout back! This collection has quite a bit in store. Another trailer with fantastic music. Trailer below.

#16 Street Fighter V - Akuma


He's back.


 #17 UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy


Naughty Dog really takes the cake for doing a double combo on us all with two amazing reveals at PlayStation Experience, both huge game- a new UNCHARTED (who saw that coming?) and The Last of Us Part II.

#18 The Last of Us Part II


Here's the other internet-shaking viral video game news of the weekend- The Last of Us II. Not only was a new UNCHARTED game in the works, but the highly anticipated sequel to The Last of Us. 
I was convinced the sequel would be called "Some More of Us". 
Aww, Ellie is grown up. ;3;

#19 PaRappa The Rapper Remastered


Now in 4k with overhauled graphics, this one is straight out of the Sony Vault. 
Even funnier is that Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida commented a promise of Loco Roco and Patapon would soon follow. 
I'm excited for Patapon myself. Patapon Trilogy HD???

#20 Ys Origin


Ys Origin remaster coming to Vita and PS4!

#21 Windjammers


Yep. Windjammers.

#22 Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony


Next Danganronpa on its way to the Vita! Who's a Danganronpa fan here? :)

#23 Pyre


Coming to us from SuperGiant Games, the makers of Bastion and Transistor, is this stunning multiplayer experience!

#24 Nioh


Last but certainly not least, we get a new look at Nioh in the trailer below.

And that's all for this PlayStation Experience Reveal Roundup folks! Enjoy the trailers here, comment your thoughts or opinions below! There's a few more not on this list, which you can find at Sony's official roundup post here. There's a ton of amazing games here I'm looking forward to, 2017 is definitely a year of gaming I'm excited for. 


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