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Persona 5 English Story Trailer

On Saturday Atlus released the Persona 5 English Story trailer. The trailer showcases several voices, a little bit of gameplay, and tiny clips of a few gorgeous 
anime cutscenes in the game provided by Production IG.
Personally, (haha that had Persona in it) I like playing Japanese video games in their original intended language and voices, but often with franchises like Final Fantasy and Persona the performances are often nothing to shake a stick at. In other words- they're quite entrancing. 


P5 is the latest in the hit JRPG Persona franchise, and a welcome return to the beloved story-heavy school-sim dungeon-crawler we know and love with this next main entry. 
With several years full of non-cannon spin-offs, a dance cross-over game, and various anime series of remastered previous titles *ahemP4ahem* and redo-anime of those anime series of remastered previous titles...(geeze louise) I think Persona and Shin Megami Tensei fans worldwide can say without a doubt P5 is more than highly anticipated and a breath of fresh air after what is only one year short of a pure decade of Persona 4 content. 

Nothing against P4 by the way, its an incredible story and revolutionary RPG. I'm just saying its time to move forward. If you haven't played P4, please do so. The orginal PS2 version was great, but the PSVITA's P4 THE GOLDEN was nothing short of breathtaking in my opinion.


In modern Persona fashion, Persona 5 had some relation to anime, this time being a standalone special that aired back in September. (hoping its not remade and remade with remakes in 5 years please please please!) 

There are plans for the anime special to be released on BluRay in February as we climb closer toward the release of Persona 5. My senses are tingling at the thought, not only with anticipation, but that I can almost smell a full anime adaptation somewhere in the future.


Don't forget to check out the english trailer here if you're interested. Persona 5 will be released for PS4 and PS3 in Japan on September 15, and releases in the west on April 4th, 2017! 


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