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I want to start covering Japanese terms and words that are associated with the Otaku Subculture and apply to the world of Visual Culture fandom. 
First up for today we've got Nijigenhatsukoi (二次元初恋) (pronounced nee-jee-gen-hot-soo-koy) which directly translates to "Two Diemnsional First Love", as Nijigen (二次元) means Two Dimensional like most of our lovely waifus and husbandos, and Hatsukoi (初恋) which means First Love. 
Nijigenhatsukoi is the go-to term for describing the very first character that you or someone you know has fallen in love with. 
One can also be your very first waifu, first ever husbando (engrish terms used to describe one's most beloved or one of their most beloved characters).


For example, my Nijigenhatsukoi is none other than Suzumiya Haruhi from the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu series. Until 2007 I had many favorite beloved characters and even some minor crushes, but no character stole my heart as fast or as deeply as Haruhi did. She's still my #1 waifu as well. To be honest here, I didn't fall for her right away as there is some build-up in the series to her overall charm. 

Haruhi is a Tsundere (ツンデレ) type of character, one that is generally cold or even hostile at the start but is warm and gooey on the inside. When the 'dere' starts to show you surely know! lol! 
But what separates her fully as my Nijigenhatsukoi rather than just a first big 2D crush? Obsessiveness! 
As I mentioned before many folks have characters they call waifu or husbando, many even have lists of them. 
Around 2007 I realized I wanted more Haruhi. To me, she was 100% ideal to my type- she's brunette, full of energy, focus, and does everything 200%! (I may or may not have a thing for cute headbands or hair accessories) moe moe moe~ 
Anyways! I began to save every picture of her that I could, followed all possible Haruhi news updates on the anime, merchandise, games, etc- and even began following her Japanese Seiyuu Aya Hirano who I was luckily able to meet in the past. I also began to collect a bit of merchandise that I could afford over the years, all related to my #1 waifu, my Nijigenhatsukoi, Suzumiya Haruhi.


Part of my Haruhi collection to celebrate my Nijigenhatsukoi and the media- artbooks, manga, spin-off manga, novels, video games, some collectible figures, even a replica of her armband and headband all from the mutlimedia of Haruhi. 
I actually have more shirts than just that one, but that's my most collectible one, it came from an old Jump. I have the artbook celebrating the animation and it's concept arts and more but its unfortunately out of this picture. Drats. 
You can also spot an Aya Hirano photo-book here, and the figma to the far left is actually Konata Izumi from Lucky Star cosplaying Haruhi, which I have kept unopened! 
My Nijigenhatsukoi isn't just my first 2D love, but she also remains my #1 waifu or favorite female character. 
Other waifus of mine include but are not limited to: Asuka from Senran Kagura, Ruri Gokou from Oreimo, Sinon from Sword Art Online, Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, Totori from the Atelier series, my canon Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, multiple characters from K-ON! like Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, and Azusa Nakano, and many many more! Do you like any of them as well?

In the corner to the left of the TV and speakers is what I call my "Haruhi Shrine", dedicated to my #1 waifu and Nijigenhatsukoi! There's a couple items here from the previous picture, but this is where the rest of my collecitble Haruhi figures reside alongside a few figures of other characters from the same series that I have purchased over the years. (Mikuru has her own shelf) 

Don't mind the open closet. To the far left you get a slight glimpse of my mini-Azusa shrine as well. 
Know any of my Vita games? I should really do a room update photoshoot. Last year's is here.


Last but not least I've gone as far to even make sure my house key is graced by Haruhi's presence as well. 
Remember, not everyone is head-over-heals for their Nijigenhatsukoi later on or always shower themselves with their merchandise, lots of people remember their first true 2D passion, but have since moved their #1 waifu or husbando spot to other character/s since. This just happens to be a never ending crush for me, and mine and Haruhi's 10th anniversary of love is about to begin in 2017! 

So, who is/was your Nijigenhatsukoi? Comments below. 


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