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Miyazaki Gives Dwango Verbal Smackdown Over AI

In a small conference with famed director Hayao Miyazaki, DWANGO, Co, Ltd. Chairman and fellow staff gave an example of their project to utilize Artificial Intelligence to create some grotesque animations. 

Examples of a humanoid figure controlled by the AI moved disturbingly on screen as Kawakami comments about the AI having no need or concern for it's head, using it like another leg, and how systems like this could be used to obtain further disturbing or creepy animations using zombie video games as an example.


After the animation was presented the room awaited comment from the legendary director himself as a short silence engulfed the room, everyone eager to hear Miyazaki's opinion.


He didn't take it so well. Miyazaki discussed his disabled friend with crippled features, saying he was disgusted of what they showed him and didn't care to layeth the verbal smackdown with his unbridled opinion. 
On one hand, sure, he has the right to feel however he wants to, disabilities are no joke whatsoever.
Personally I disagree with Miyazaki's philosophies and views on some other topics, the infamous director of Ghibli fame has been exposed to have some deep beliefs I'm not going to get into in this article here, but I can't disagree with him here entirely. 
Was it too far? 
Or can he just get away with it because he's old? 
He already has a poor view of young animators, the otaku subculture, modern anime, and more- but this seemed to touch a place a bit deeper than his usual gripes.

DWANGO, Co, Ltd is a strength in streaming and other video technology in Japan, and I'm sure they meant well and are probably proud of the idea that humanity could possibly use AI's to create animations for games and more- but Miyazaki's old-school outlook on it does have a point, even if its a small one but a possibly important one. 
His comments are thought provoking at least.


Maybe a small AI making zombie movements isn't exactly as extreme as 'the end of days', but the contrast between one's own organically created (even digital art) work vs an AI doing it comes more into focus and does bring the two clashing ideals into the light. 

Was Miyazaki just grumpy? Or does his strong sadness for what he sees as 'the world's growing lack of humanity' have a point? Regardless, DWANGO wasn't expecting this outcome. 
Nothing in the video beats that awkward silence after he released his verbal super move.
What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

 Full video here.


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