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DanMachi Sword Oratoria Anime Slated for April


SB Creative's GA Bunko shows that the DanMachi (Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?) Sword Oratoria anime will premiere in April! 
This story is a spinoff of DanMachi following Aiz Wallenstein as her saga eventually connects to the main protagonist of DanMachi, Bell Cranel, all the way down to the very point they first met at the start of the first DanMachi novel (or manga chapter/anime episode).


Seen above, Sword Oratoria is listed among other upcoming anime. See any others here that you fancy? Untitled Sword Oratoria's novels and manga have already been running in Japan since early 2014. 
 The first english novel came out in November 2016 and you can find it here on amazon in english to get an early look at what's in store for the upcoming anime, if you haven't already.  


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