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[8.5] Super Mario Run Review

Super Mario Run is a fantastic mobile game featuring Nintendo's iconic Mario and multiple aesthetics, characters, imagery, and more from Nintendo's most notorious franchise. 
Currently only available on iOS, this Mario game has you controlling Mario indirectly as he runs and collects coins, dodges obstacles, and makes it to the end usually to land a nice spot on the classic end flag. 
This game's charm comes in many forms- one of them is that it is a spree of collecting and a joy to fans of gathering special items (hidden coins) and smashing scores. Replay-ability in this game is quite high as the game's stages are replayable and the control scheme is pretty user-friendly using pretty basic touch controls making it easy to jump into at any time. 
Mario is automatically running as you swipe, slide, and delay jumps and falls, and more. Unlike some mobile games that have your hands actively sliding and swiping the screen, Super Mario Run actually leaves you with a lot of space to control the game. 
Personally, I really hate when I'm playing a faster-paced game on my phone that has my own hands completely in the way of important things. If you haven't experienced this it might be tough to imagine but if you have then you definitely know what I'm talking about. 
Thankfully there's always room and comfort in Super Mario Run to be able to perform some sweet moves.


Super Mario Run has a fine 24-stage lineup that takes you through the Mushroom Kingdom, featuring many classic Mario enemies like Kupas, Goombas, Bowser himself, and those giant bullet guys, Bullet Bills.

In between campaign stages there are slower puzzle challenges that offer a nice change from the high-octane non-stop marathon of Mario's runs. 
Nintendo flexes their level-design muscles in this game, which as I mentioned previously has replayable levels. This is a big replay factor more so because of those special coins. 

Boss fights in the game are pretty basic, usually a trio of hits and that's about it. The game doesn't make use of much innovation here, keeping things pretty classic- which isn't all that bad- but it did leave me feeling like it could have offered more.


Animations in the game are fantastic, Mario specifically flows with plenty of style just as much as he does on other consoles. 
Graphics in general aren't half-bad at all and aren't meant to be much more than 'backgrounds' as the game is very active as the screen continuously moves with Mario's runs. 
One can tell sometimes there are quite a bit of flat textures, but its not immersion-breaking. 

Super Mario Run also features it's own 'Multiplayer' which comes in the form of Toad Rally. This PVP-race has two players trying to 'out-style' each other with combos of quick moves that take place over six different level themes for you to showcase your 'sweet moves' or race against a ghost player as well.


Finally, one more feature poses another alternative to the multiplayer and stage campaign mode- Kingdom Builder, where you spend coins to actually decorate your own Mushroom Kingdom. 
Chock-full of cosmetic rewards and unlocks there may be something in there that keeps you playing all those challenging hidden coins runs long after you've completed the regular 24-stage campaign.


Verdict: Super Mario Run is a wonderful Mario-franchise addition to your smartphone, as you delve into the Mushroom Kingdom alongside Mario to collect coins and clear levels in Nintendo's fancy new mobile platformer that has plenty to return for, again and again. The extra modes do in fact provide a little bit more push to keep playing, unlocking new characters for use in the campaign is one of the reasons that kept me running longer. This Mario game doesn't add anything that is extra-mega-special among it's other 2D companions and other great console and handheld games, but it does give you a Mario experience that carries with it many aesthetics and feel of playing a Mario game in a great way, right from your phone. 


+Has Style
+Replay Value 
+Generally fun 

 -Small lack of innovation 

Watch Shigeru Miyamoto of Mario, Zelda, and general Nintendo-fame, eat cake while playing the game. Apparently he can have his game with his cake, and eat his cake too.

Also check out Miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aime' and Jimmy Fallon with Super Mario Run from a recent episode of The Tonight Show! Here.



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