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What is RA:N?

Run Around:Network is a multimedia entity founded and run by Hikaru Kazushime.
This site at acts as RA:N's main portal, the main content being a mix of news posts, coverage, community content or updates, and blog-style articles, all posted by Hikaru Kazushime.
While the main site is the largest chunk, RA:N is also extended through social media pages and offline events that keep its readers connected to the worlds surrounding the vast array of topics it covers.
RA:N's official community portal is Azure Infinitum, where gamers, pop-culture enthusiasts, anime and manga fans, and more are united. 

What is Visual Culture?

Visual Culture or Shikaku Bunka (視覚文化), is an important term that includes, but is not limited to: Anime, Manga, Music, Gaming, Comics, Novels, Movies, TV, Fashion, Comedy, Cosplay, Conventions, Figurines, and much more. 
These things are (and are usually) the lifeblood of any Pop-Culture related site, and are represented proudly here.
Many topics relate to Japan and J-Culture here on RA:N, which lives at the heart of the content that is posted here.
Instead of this site being another "Bob's Anime Blog" for instance, is that it closely puts subculture on display in a mixed but organized way for the reader to soak in many topics from such a diverse otaku/geek/nerd world that we have today, to the best of our ability here.

Azure Infinitum

RA:N's official community portal is Azure Infinitum. 
Azure began as a guild in Final Fantasy XIV Online. 
Founded by Hikaru Kazushime in 2014 alongside fellow guild-mates, Azure has grown tremendously since then, fostering a large community of gamers who share positive values, and has quickly taken to the top of the worldwide FFXIV rankings for years. 
Azure is presently in the transitional phase of becoming a larger community and gaming clan outside of FFXIV, and has just recently become officially connected with RA:N as its community.

Azure Infinitum has openings in its FFXIV guild and Monster Hunter World Squad, and anyone is allowed to join Azure by joining the Azure Website at: and our Discord a:

If you don't play FFXIV or MHW, all RA:N readers are welcome to join our discord (link just above) to discuss, read, or share pop-culture news in our anime/gaming/music/movies/etc channels, and even share content they create as well.

Reika Fujishima [麗華藤島]

Reika is this site's mascot and is an original character designed by Hikaru Kazushime. 
Reika was created to represent the original site called "Run Around Kazu" in 2008, which was Hikaru Kazushime's blog. 
She is usually depicted as a happy-go-lucky girl with a lanyard and camera to represent RA:N's journalism, as well as her signature "HK" hairpin.
You can read a bit more about Reika here.
Since 2008, Reika has gone through transformations and has been drawn by a list of artists and illustrators.
In video games that allows you to create your own character, Hikaru Kazushime plays Reika Fujishima.
In Final Fantasy XIV, Reika Fujishima is the Master of Azure Infinitum

If you have any questions pertaining to RA:N or for Hikaru Kazushime you can send email to:


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