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About Reika Fujishima

Reika Fujishima [麗華藤島]

Reika Fujishima is an original character of RA:N and serves as the site's mascot character.
Reika (れいか, レイカ, 麗華, pronounced ray-kah) can be read as "Lovely or Beautiful Splendor" and "Companion Flower". Fujishima (藤島) can be read as "Wisteria Island"- the color of the Blue Chinese Wisteria trees were inspiration for her blue hair and general blueish themes, (besides her creator's favorite color being blue). In the character's backstory, Reika finds out as an adult that she's had amnesia and for some reason her place of birth- an island filled with Blue Wisteria trees- was blocked out of her mind due to a mystery that will later be revealed.
Reika began as a simple OC used by Hikaru Kazushime and created to represent this site back in 2008.
Since then she has gone through several transformations as various artists have made fan-art leading to her Seifuku version as seen above. 

The pink haired girl is Chie, a secondary mascot and friend to Reika.
Reika was created with features that represent her as one who may take photos and attend conventions as seen with her lanyard and camera.
She wears an "HK" hairpin, an homage to her mentor and inspiration in life. 
Both Reika and Chie will be appearing in the the PC visual novel by Hikaru Kazushime that is currently in the making.
If you'd like to make your own fan art of Reika feel free to do so- post on the community page and it will be featured on the site!

Sekai no Takara (世界貴重品)

Announced exclusively at FanimeCon, comes Sekai no Takara or "Treasures of the World": an upcoming Visual Novel PC Game that tells the story of two main characters, Reika (right) and her friend Kihona (left) as seen above. 

A synopsis right now would reveal a little too much as things are still being kept under wraps right now- but here's what you can know at this time:

  • The story will involve the two girls who are from two different worlds as they try to understand one another.
  • The story features many characters from both worlds and an ancient plot that unravels as the story unfolds.
  • Throughout the story Reika, recently graduated from high school, is a budding journalist who takes Kihona on a journey of learning through the colorful scenes of Visual Culture.
  • Little does Reika know that she has a deeper connection to Kihona's world than she thinks, and vice-versa Kihona to hers.
  • Fantasy, Reality, and Learning clash in this Action Visual Novel (A.V.N.) that is in early stages of production.

Stay tuned to RA:N for more updates on Sekai no Takara!

Final Fantasy XIV

Reika Fujishima has also found her way to some high places in the Online Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Final Fantasy XIV. 
Played by RA:N Founder Hikaru Kazushime, Reika is the acting Master of one of the world's largest and most active guilds in the entire MMO itself. The guild or "Free Company" as they're called in FFXIV is called 'Azure Infinitum'.
Reika is a constant source of support and positive energy to all who cross her path and is Azure Infinitum's Founder and Master.
Reika's presence in FFXIV began after Hikaru Kazushime introduced her to the world of Eorzea. Taking the name of this site's mascot, Reika continues to be a shining light to all of her friends in the realm.
If you'd like to join Azure Infinitum in FFXIV, visit Midgardsormr Server and put in an application there as well as the website here.

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