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End of Omakase

end of omakaseOmakase was a project that provided curated anime merchandise to subscribers of it's service, while also promoting it's company, Viewster, an online steaming service similar to Hulu


Omakase delivered merchandise in square blue boxes that held contents that had a theme depending on the subscription period- similar to the widely successful Loot Crate service. Along with it's merchandise bundle, subscribers were treated to HD Ad-free streaming.


It was unfortunately short-lived. Earlier this month, Viewster CEO Rob Pereyda announced that Viewster would be shutting down Omakase completely. 

In present time there are a handful of subscription-box based services, most that have themes often keep an air of mystery as to what the contents will hold. This adds to the excitement and is a great tactic for getting people to buy subscriptions, and they're often pretty affordable with services such as Loot Crate's basic service presently going for about 14$ a month, and Omakase which was in the 20$-30$ range. 

The reasoning behind Omakase's end was stated by the Viewster CEO in an email to Omakase partners, stating that subscriptions didn't scale at the level or on the timeline that Viewster AG had hoped for.
Omakase had roughly over 10,000 subscribers, and still holds an impressive Facebook Page with (currently) over 392,000+ likes!


CEO Pereyda also mentioned that many customers wanted either the streaming service or the box alone- not both at once.

Omakase had a pretty fun team of folks who kept a blog up here where they added posts about the anime and merch that Omakase would have to convention coverage even. 

Omakase only had 3 boxes, with it's first box shipping out as recent as this past November which was Kill La Kill themed. This month the last box, Vocaloid Themed, will be shipping out as the end to Omakase. 

Omakase (お任せ) is a Japanese word which basically means, "I'll leave it up to you." or said to respectfully let another decide which is best. Its commonly used in Japanese restaurants as a meal that is completely selected by the chef.

The last information that was given was that the Omakase service would be discontinued immediately, but Viewster is exploring options at this time to see if Omakase could continue under a new owner. If unable, the Viewster Los Angeles office will close at the end of the month. 

Source: UK Anime Network, Anime Herald


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