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Appreciating Sony Commercials - Long Live Play


Today I sat down at my computer and opened my browser to get online. I was thinking about a new commercial I saw for Sony PlayStation that had aired last night on a tv in my home that I glanced at, I don't watch a lot of cable, but it was running in the background. 
When I saw the commercial, I thought to myself that the commercial I saw had echoed some style of past Sony commercials I had seen. 

Now, there's a long list of video game commercials that range from cringe-worthy to hilarious, awkward to plain, and some special ones out there that make you, the gamer, want to play more. 
The commercial I saw isn't anything similar or related at all to the one that popped in my head just a few minutes ago, which is the one I'm sharing here in this post- it was simply the catalyst of the thought. 

The commercial I'm sharing here however, is a special one, one that came around about 4 1/2 years ago that was loosely for PlayStation 3, but mostly to celebrate the generation of PlayStation and, the gamer. 
I don't see these kinds of commercials coming from competitors like XBOX. If there are any out there, please direct me to them so I can enjoy those as well. 

I wanted to take this moment here to appreciate this commercial again, and appreciate that Sony may in fact think of the gamer quite a bit.

Everything about this one gives me the chills. 
After watching it a few times you can laugh or call it cheesy or whatever, but inside this commercial it is nothing but a love-letter to PlayStation gamers from Sony, and directly from the games themselves to make you feel all gooey inside. you. 
Sony is well-known at this point for having pretty eccentric and higher-than-normal-budget commercials, usually memorable ones. Here's two more off the top of my head.


Who all remembers this PS9 ad from the early 2000's? I remember briefly seeing it before they stopped airing it, and swearing to myself for years before YouTube, that I had indeed seen a PS9 commercial and at some points even questioned myself as to whether it was a dream or not. I laugh a lot at that now. 

Are there any particular commercials that have stood out to you? 
Share them in the comments below! 


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