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Japanese Farmers Create Nightmare Fuel

Untitled Found in a rural part of Japan, Twitter user @jump_up_ photographed these 'scarecrows' made by Japanese Farmers. 
Last time I checked the purpose of scarecrows was to scare off birds/crows (or at least lessen the chance) from getting into their crops. 
These Japansese farmers for whatever reason decided that they'd also like to scare the pee out of anyone or anything coming near this farm. 
I had a good laugh when I saw these, but oh Japan, why am I not surprised? 


Imagine bumping into this on a dark night out in the field. I almost wonder if they ever forget where one is and scare themselves. 

My mind just tries to rationalize this, going as far to think of an actual story of why this is even a thing. "Maybe they couldn't get another kind of scarecrow, or had limited ability. That must be it! And/or maybe there's an owner of manakins who has a friend or a relative in the family who let them use extra parts!" But as of right now we don't actually know. Not sure if we will either. Those heads on sticks are really unnerving to me personally. But really? A School Girl scarecrow with no arms or legs? I guess that's straight out of Japanese horror to me.


And what in the actual is this supposed to be??? A Zombie farmer? A ghost from an era long past? 
Still scary I guess. Imagine the animals who see it and think, "wtf?!" hahaha.

This one takes the cake- er- corn I guess you could say. 
Looking like a corpse or something straight out of Dark Souls, I imagine that there's at least one farmer who made this who is really, really sick of whoever/whatever is getting into his crops and went all out to make this as terrifying as possible. 

 Good job on making the "ScarePeoples" Japanese farmers!

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