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Gatebox: Hologram Assistant AI Girl For Your Home Announced!


Azuma Hikari is her name and she's the character who resides in what is called a "Gatebox". 
Being developed by an ambitious Japanese startup which was established in 2014, the Gatebox now has a video showcasing the concept of the device and it's usefulness. 
You can check out the Gatebox website here

Trailer here.

The Gatebox is said to have sensors for better communication purposes, can wake you up after a nap or in the morning, inform you on the weather, and more seen in the video.


I think this is a fantastic idea as I am a firm believer in the fact that technology can better our lives and provide some handiness in areas of our lives that are menial and can save us precious time to accomplish other tasks. 

Its obvious that the main highlight of Gatebox is the character Azuma and the fact that you have a cute character interacting with you. 
Vinclu is setting up servers to support the AI of the Gatebox and the device is said to be able to connect to any device in your home network. 
Seen above is a clip from the trailer as Azuma assists in turning on the tv for the man in the video. 
One thing that separates the Gatebox from other remote smart-home controllers and devices is the personality and character of Azuma Hikari, to me this idea is right along with Japanese society's masterful and common use of mascot characters to improve business, market products, and give personality to 'things' making the experience a little more personal than that of a plain old remote control. 

It could also easily begin to pave the way for future in-home AI systems not too unlike Jarvis from Iron Man. 
Gatebox isn't available to buy at this time, but vinclu has plans for possible crowdfunded pre-orders later on in this year.

How would you like an AI helping you out? What if you could get different skins for Gatebox or possibly create your own original character for it?


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