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Father of Final Fantasy Reveals Art of Unannounced Game


Father of Final Fantasy, surf-boarding connoisseur, and Founder of Mistwalker Hironobu Sakaguchi showed some art of an unannounced Mistwalker title currently in the works while he spoke at a creative media class at UH West O'ahu Library in Hawaii. 

Thanks to Twitter user @VoltySquirrel for covering this and sharing.

The art was done by Kimihiko Fujisaka
Not a lot of information was revealed by Sakaguchi, as told by @VoltySquirrel, but it was mentioned that the game will appear on current-gen consoles and have a 'sketchy' look to it that Sakaguchi wants while also in 3D. 
Sounds like a nice cold glass of WIN to me.


It was said that Sakaguchi will be revealing the game in a year. 
Sakaguchi is a mastermind at Fantasy RPGs, blessing the world with Final Fantasy and more. 
Since leaving Square Enix and founding Mistwalker he hasn't exactly released as many titles as he had at his previous company, which is totally okay. 
Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and The Last Story are 3 of his better works over the past decade- so if those are any indication we can probably expect the next one to be pretty nice as well. 

Besides Sakaguchi's psuedo collab with Square Enix on Final Fantasy Mobius and 2011's The Last Story, Mistwalker has only released a couple mobile games, one being the pretty successful Terra Battle
I'm ecstatic to see Sakaguchi and Mistwalker releasing something on consoles again, maybe if we're lucky his buddy Uematsu will compose for it? 

I know I'll support it either way.

Watch a video of Hironobu Sakaguchi talking about the game here.


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