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The Evolution of My Office/Room 2005-2015

Evolution of my RoomOffice 
I have been into video games since I can barely remember, and I've liked anime since I discovered what it was when I was about 6 years old. 
This past decade I became a true otaku, beginning humbly with my collection and admiration for Japanese pop-culture and visual culture. 
Over time I fell in-love with more and more rich stories, unforgettable characters, and beautiful artwork. 
I played games, watched anime, and read comics/manga that left their marks on me- often making me a better person. ^^; 

I'm finally moved into a new place where I will be settled for (I hope) a long time. Some short time ago I posted about my new room/office that was under construction, which you'll see a little bit of in this post. 
A full review of the new place will come after this post. 

Here I'll take you on a photo-journey with me through the past decade, from my humble beginnings to my current otaku paradise that I live and work in each day. Creating and managing these kinds of rooms actually has been an experience in itself- the love and power that drives me to make them so special and unique to my tastes in style makes the entire rooms (to me anyway) a work of art itself. Let's begin! 

 first room 
This was my room from the time I was almost 13 to just after I turned 18. 
Since I was born my mother decided to theme my rooms. 
Coming home from the hospital as a newborn I arrived in a decorated Disney-themed room, and every 1-2 years my parents would change it up and when I got older i was allowed to pick my theme. 

The earliest room I remember was my Lion King room when I was 4 or 5. 
I was in love with the movie and used to pester the bananas out of my parents to see it- I'm told we went to the theaters about 7 times just for that movie. ^^;; 
I also had an Aladdin room as I became obsessed with that movie as well- I wanted to wave around a scimitar, ride a carpet, and hunt treasure. XD From about 6-8 I had a Star Wars themed room, and afterward it became Poke'mon until I was 12, then for about a year it was DBZ themed. 
Almost always my mother would help me out with 'the works'- and I mean everything. Lamps, bedsheets/spread, figures, calendars, posters, collectibles- even a bloody themed garbage can! 
My Star Wars room had the collectible ships hung from the ceilings as if they were reenacting a famous battle scene. So...yeah I was a bit spoiled on that aspect. 

The room seen above was the second room I decided to completely decorate on my own when I had just turned 13. 
Before this room there was another- a small room at an apartment we stayed at shortly where I converted my Poke'mon theme to mostly DBZ stuff. But this one? This is where everything truly began. 


This was my desk in early 2006. 
Honestly this room was very plain for a couple years after we moved here. 
I had decided that I wanted to completely start my room over, collecting new furniture, new/more posters, and I had just gotten my first computer that you can see above. 
Until this point I only owned the manga for Rurouni Kenshin vol.1-8, Trigun vol.1, and Bleach vol.1-5, maybe 1 anime dvd, about 10 PS2 games, and the first posters I ever bought from my first anime convention, along with some print-outs I had made. 

However, by 2006 I had begun collecting a little more manga, a few more games, and was learning about the internet.


The first wall-scroll I ever owned was a Japanese Poke'mon one my mom bought from a shady vendor who used to have a card shop in town. 
That Full Metal Alchemist one was the first one I purchased myself and proudly displayed over my bed until 2008, but stayed in my room after that for another year or so. 
The other posters over my bed were the first posters I ever bought from my first convention- "Sac Anime" which was a small event taking place at our local mall back then. 
Today Sac Anime is now a medium-sized complete convention held in the Sacramento Convention Center and sports about 10,000 attendees twice a year. 

Here's a funny thing to note: I have a poster you can see here of what was then referred to as "Final Fantasy Agito XIII". That was 2006, and the game finally released as "Final Fantasy Type-Zero" in 2011 on PSP in Japan, and then on XBONE and PS4 a couple months ago. >.<;; It took 10 years to come out here! 

I also had some FFXI art, a One Piece poster (idk why I never got into it), an An Cafe print-out I made, and the others above. 


That big figure of Tidus was technically my first video game figure if you don't count lame happy-meal toys. 
I also proudly displayed my Final Fantasy OSTs. 
I discovered the A-1 comics that sold these soundtracks and I used to sneak money my grandmother gave me for our garage-sailing trips and bought these one at a time instead. 
I felt guilty after a while and confessed to her. 
Turns out she was very happy that I got something I liked and wasn't mad at all. ^^;  However, the guilt that built up is what taught me a lesson to not be so sneaky like that again.


This was my entire gaming collection at the time. ^^;;; When I took this photo, Xenosaga III wasn't out yet! I think I had just obtained my copy of Romancing SaGa. 


And of course, the device that was responsible for endless nights worth of entertainment. 
This was the original Baconshizzle, my name for my first PS2. It actually lasted all the way until about a year ago, when I had to pull out the spare I got back in 2010, which I never named. 
My PSP is named Baconbit, and my PS VITA is Lil'BaconNizzle, my first PS3 was Baconshizzle MK2, my current PS3 is Baconshizzle MK3, and my PS4 is named Baconnator. I have absolutely no reasoning whatsoever for picking these names. I simply did. 


I became obsessed with Final Fantasy in 2003 when I got my copy of FFVII on my PS2, Kingdom Hearts fandom followed. I had to have Squall's Greiver symbol on my door, and I liked putting my name in hiragana everywhere I could- I was excited about the beginning of my Japanese studies. Notice anything about my posters compared to now? A whooole lot more testosterone/shonen back then. XD 


My room back then had a little entry area, so I decorated it. 
I actually decorated it a ton more later on, but photos from back then are scarce. 
I had a nice name painting done at Apple Hill, and there was a map of Vana'Diel from FFXI you can kind of see.

When I was 3 until years later Captain Morgan was a hero of mine. I loved pirates and never knew what Captain Morgan on the advertisements really was until I was about 11 or 12. My grandpa had ripped that ad out of a magazine when I was 3 and hung it in his garage for years. Finally I inherited it. Still have it around somewhere but it is old and isn't hanging up somewhere- its in a plastic bag. 

This room is precious in my memories for being the place where I had gone from a pretty solatary neighborhood kid who liked some games and anime/manga, to a high-schooler who got connected with the internet and learned there was more weirdos like me out there. 

Once I got the internet and a computer I spent countless nights obsessing over so many details. 
I almost couldn't believe there were websites about anime, manga, games, and Japanese music. 
Without getting into the internet, there was SO much I never knew. And what a time to get into it! 
I quickly picked up on things and became an information-holic fast. It was there at that desk that I also began experimenting with Myspace's "Safe Mode" which, along with some tips and tricks from various websites and friends, I learned some of my first coding skills and HTML. 


And finally here we see my PS2 collection beginning to build up- this was taken not long before we moved. 


Room 2 
Ahhh, there it is, the place where this site was truly born. 
At the last place I was actually running a blog called "The Run Around" via Myspace that detailed my favorite games and random things about me throughout the day. 
My blog was decently popular, but Myspace was crashing and burning around the year I moved here. 
After about 6 months here when my room had stabilized and was mostly complete, I decided to make a real blog called "Run Around Kazu". The "run around" bit I always liked because at conventions I was always running around doing stuff, hopping from buying stuff one moment, to watching a panel the next. 
In the future the name would stick as I certainly do run around events for coverage purposes. ^^; This place has fond memories from a time that I really went all-out in my fandom and otaku power. 

I really let loose here, and all the binds and thoughts of general 'shame' had ceased to exist. I came out of my cocoon and really announced my otaku fandom here.

My second desk- my old one was very horizontal and wide, simply took up too much space and when we moved I think my family either sold it or just left it. ^^;; But when I saw this desk I fell in love with it. 
Originally my mother was buying it from a friend but I out-bid her. She knew I really wanted it and let me have it. One reason I really wanted it was for the very reason above. LOOK HOW MANY PS2 GAMES AND DVDS IT HOLDS. LOL XD 
I had also just gotten that monitor before we moved from the previous place. I still have it today actually and it's on it's last leg. >.<;; 
You can see the second version of RA:K there on the screen. 

Here's me in 2009, a photo similar to the one that you can find in Otacool Vol.1 which features this room.


This view is from the doorway coming into the room, which is also behind my desk from the way it was set up. This room was probably one of the smallest rooms I ever lived/worked in, it nearly felt like a large closet, but I didn't mind. ^^ After my first large-scale convention, FanimeCon 2009 I worked tirelessly to add over 600 posters, big and small, to the ENTIRE room, even the ceiling was amassed with everything from magazine inserts, itty-bitty cut-outs, and even a wall-scroll I cut a hole in so the light could be there. 


The room was small, so I had to make use of every inch of space possible. 


The last time that Sora wall-scroll was ever really used- yes I made holes in it just as I do with some posters. A lot of people don't agree with some of my savage decor, but hey its made to stay for a long time and its a work of art to me. 


Usually kept things pretty tidy. You can see Full Metal Panic running on my old plasma tv. Oh, and miraculously my desk and my entertainment center/tv area perfectly fit together, and if they were even an inch longer they wouldn't have. ^^;;; This is something that always amazed my grandfather as I've always had a knack for eye-balling things and making them barely fit. 


 My door. Joy and Longevity above the door. 


This was my closet! XD 

The last good picture of my old desk setup shortly before everything was changed forever. 

Eventually I moved my DVDs up there to make room for more games. XD Man, that room was small! 

The other side in the room, pretty much in it's final form before we moved. 


Room 3 
Originally I never thought I'd be moving from the previous place, so I had a lot of things to tear down that were supposed to have been permanent. 
This new place presented some difficult tasks in decorating. It only really had 2 main walls for decorating because the right half of the room was a massive closet with mirrored doors and a built in vanity desk- that means no furniture of any kind and for a long time I didn't even have posters on that side. 
The bed and tv have to be directly across from each other. I set my bed up like a couch each day and if it isn't across from the tv I feel like my neck is breaking. >.< 

This room actually evolved about 3 or 4 times because I was always frustrated with the shape of it. Most of my collection had to be presented in an "L" shape, while the right side of the room was a giant closet and an ancient vanity desk that was a total eyesore. 
It was a challenge, but it was also the biggest room I ever had- and I found a few ways to work with it.

Taken in 2011. I had brought my old desk, but I hated it in the new room because it ended up being a boring corner piece and didn't fit well there at all- it had also seen it's days and was falling apart, so I got a new desk. 
I am really fond of the frosted glass look, but I had a small budget at the time. Luckily my mother was browsing Craigslist and found the one you see above, also the one I have today, and I went and got it. The desk is a nice multi-tiered build of frosted glass and wood.  
I've greatly changed up just how my workstation is organized over the years- with the addition of figurines, laptops, tablets, and more in various fashion.
Another angle. Things being a little more spread out was nice, and not as explosive on the eyes as walking into the last room. 
Those pink curtains didn't last for long, but the two Dakimakura stayed all 4 years. Nothing else but the largest bookcase stayed in place, literally everything you see above was either replaced or moved around eventually. 


Here I was in 2012. Back then I had just relaunched my longtime-in-development perfected version (at the time) of Run Around:Network (this site) and we had a roaring success, however later that year life happened and it was back to the drawing board. 

I was also playing a ton of Battlefield 3 and Skyrim back then, and anxiously awaiting FFXIV: ARR ONLINE. 

Sorry for the low quality, but this is the only one taken during the time when this room started to evolve. 
As you can see that tall, skinny shelf was brought in. Thankfully I found it, everything that you see on it had nowhere to go before I bought that.

This was in early 2013, I had just gotten my current good laptop. Things were getting really crowded on the shelves, and it was before I got my current large wide bookshelf. 

I began looking for ways to make my desk look more "techy" I guess you could say. I installed my own desk-light underneath, and mounted my PS Vita. 
I also used to have my graphic tablet on my desk at all times. I don't really draw, but my ex was interested in drawing Reika some more...which never happened. >.<; 

Untitled This collage shows one of the redesigns of the room, mostly featuring my desk. 
You can see where the bed is where the desk was scooted over from, and the tv area was swapped to the other side of the room. 
Honestly I really wanted to love this design, but it only lasted about 6 months and I changed it back. Bed just wasn't at the right angle and I kept kicking my bookshelf all day long. 
I like couch-style beds more, the corner just didn't work for me. It was also really easy to hit my desk while flailing around on the bed. 

Here is my computing area's 'final form'. Just kidding.
I like running Rain Meter for visual effect. 
Looks like some kind of crazy mission control or something. 

This is the opposite side of the room once the preparations seen in the previous photo were made. 
It actually looked quite nice, and the bed wasn't next to the bathroom door anymore where you can smell poo. 
This was in early 2014. I had gotten that new plasma tv and shelves about a year before moving them to that side of the room, but pics with it the other way are scarce and I couldn't find any atm. 


Room 4 
Now for the grand finale! My completed new room/office! 
My new place has instantly become my favorite house of all time. 
Not only is it one of the nicest places I've gotten to live in, but also in the fantastic town of Fair Oaks, CA.
Its actually a pretty wonderful neighborhood and close to freeways and easy access to thriving shopping malls and Sacramento itself. 
The place was recently fully remodeled and has the hardwood floors I've always wanted. ^-^
I'm happy to have completed my room/office here as of last week. 
Above you can get a glimpse of a few photos here until I post the next post that is coming- it will walk you through the new room in great HD detail! 
This place like the last one gave me some challenge, but only in the beginning. 
I took to my computers to create a map of the room. 
The 2 separated small closets and (once again) a vanity (but this time not crappy) presented a slight challenge on one side. I also got a really nice new memory foam bed which is a queen, so I had to make space for that too. Its a little smaller than my last room, but I like it so much more! 
I didn't want it to be super big because I want to be enclosed with as much of my awesome collection as possible...just not as much as room/office number 2 was. X-x;; 

I've changed some tactics over the years- not so many cut-outs and print-outs anymore. 
My taste in art-style and quality has also changed, and I like to make themes in areas I can put a lot of the same character figures, like the Azusa, Haruhi, and Miku shrines I have in this new room.

My craft mainly consists of collecting tons of posters from megami-magazine mainly, and ones I find at conventions. There's more new posters in my current room than ever before, as with each move I lose a few do to ripping or age wear and tear. 
Also each move I've had to use an sharp blade to cut many of the posters out because I tape most of them together- a practice that most would cringe while thinking about. 
Most of my posters are taped with a microscopic space between them where one can still lightly cut them out and have them be mostly the same. 
In many areas I've folded and trimmed them accordingly to fit the shape of surroundings.

The ones I like a lot but don't mind sacrificing are used to go in places where I know screws will need to be placed.
Moe and more ecchi and beautiful bishoujo girls adorn 100% of my walls.
My room/office is truly my sanctuary, and place where many great memories are made, stories are told, and characters enjoyed.

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