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[RA:D] New Room Constructed! 8.27.15

Room 4 
Sometimes the amount of time that passes when we focus on something, or deal with things that consume a lot of energy surprises me. 

Back towards the very end of May I made this post showing my new room at the new place, which showed a little bit of my workstation and entertainment center along with a few other things that were beginning to take form.

About 3 months later I completed the project.

In that time I've been put through the ringer of life (means going through hard times) and have had some pretty dramatic things happen lately- mainly the fact that my wife and I split. 
Reason this was dramatic was because there was a lot of nasty that came to light that I didn't know about, and several bad meetings with her that involved cops, stealing my things, vandalizing, and much more. ^^;; 
I also deal with a heavy dose of anxiety and depression which I choose to not be medicated for because I prefer to overcome things mentally with positivity and natural techniques. 
Needless to say I had a breakdown, days where my complete energy was sucked dry, where everything is grey and nothing is interesting- and I still do from time to time but I'm slowly coming out of it. 

But this article isn't about that, maybe I'll write about that another time. In light of those events however, you can get a good idea why in the world it took me so long to unpack and build, but hey, here I am.

When I began I created this graphic to give myself a good idea where/how I'd arrange things. 
This room proved a mildly difficult task because of it's shape- one wall is a massive sliding door, and another is 2 closets and a vanity desk. 

I prefer my bed to be what I call "couch-style" with the positioning and way I like to arrange it. It didn't seem possible in here with the dimensions of everything but I actually made it work, just barely, since I designed this graph. 
For the most part however, things turned out 99% exactly how I planned them in the above picture. 

Now, let's a take an in-depth look as to how it all turned out! 

This was my workstation side of the room back in May when I had just began. 

And now... 

This is what it looks like today! 
I decided to keep a few themes similar to my last place, since they worked well- like my Hatsune Miku shrine on top of my desk, or large figurines like my Yoko and Taiga figures to the right and left, but swapped from last time. 

I prefer to be surrounded with as much color as possible. In photos it 'may' appear like my figurines blend too much with surrounding color and posters- but there's a different dimensional view when you're here in person. ^^
A shot from the side, and what you see looking over if you're sitting on my bed or standing on the other side of the room. 
I planned on doing something else with that vent that is randomly on the wall there- but I actually completely forgot about it by the time I finished everything else and took these pictures. ^^;; 

Here's a look from further away. 

Here's my workstation at night, in the dim or with no light. 
I recently upgraded my keyboard and mouse to an AULA and ZELOTES set I picked out on Amazon. 
The keyboard is a great gaming-designed keyboard that really lights up bright. 
I'm thinking of doing a full review in the near future as these two only cost me around $45 together. My keyboard really illuminates nicely, and in different colors as well but I prefer RA:N blue. :3 Had Mirai Clock running on my ASUS E-pad there.
This was my entertainment center back in May. 
Not a whole lot of anything was going on besides having the cases put away and designating the spot to the left for where my Haruhi shrine would go.
Here it is today! 
In this post I wrote a bit about why I needed the entertainment center to be in front of the slider area. 
Since we have both sides of a newly remodeled duplex home, I often flip the curtain back and step out behind my entertainment center for a shortcut to the kitchens or other side.
Its super convenient, especially because the sprinkler control center for outside is also just on the other side of the slider. 
I chose a Yuru Yuri wallscroll for now to place next to the door opening area as so far its proven that people sometimes rub against that area a teeny bit while coming in or going out- best not to have rip-able posters there. I like it because I didn't have any good optimal place to truly hang a scroll in the previous room, and that is now one of 2 designated wallscroll spots. 
I expect I'll rotate them out often to further enjoy new ones. ^^ 
Also in the photo above my Haruhi shrine is fully reconstructed and better than ever. 

I chose black-out curtains because I prefer to be able to control the light from a lot to almost none, and I prefer a dark color behind my entertainment center. 
No waifus have been enslaved to hang as curtains (dakimakura from last place) this time. 

My entertainment center is equipped with a PS2-4 and a fantastic sound system. 
I'm using an older plasma tv for now, but I am about to upgrade to a new 4k display very soon to be able to keep up with how games should look and feel on the screen. 

Just to the left of the entertainment area- my official storage closet for figure boxes, extra dakimakura/figures, and kidnapped schoolgirls go in there. 
You can almost see my figurine repair & building station- but I'll get to that in a moment. 

Again, in May this is what that side of the room looked like. Pretty depressing looking to see now. XD 

And here it is today. 
The built-in desk is my FRBS, or Figurine Repair & Building Station. It has drawers with materials and tools for repairing any broken figurines, and building new ones from the kits you see on and below the desk. 
The FRBS is equipped with a fully-functional monitor that has hookups that connect to a smartphone, tablet, or pc to display figurines in full 3D or blueprint form while working on them. 
To the right of the FRBS is a shelf with PS VITA and DS games, and all of my soundtracks to movies, video games, and anime- as well as some jpop and rock. The few physical copies of PC games are at the bottom, and there's an Azusa shrine on the top. 
To the left is a larger shelf that contains half of my artbooks, other collectible books like Square Enix's Ultimania series and larger volumes of manga and fanbooks found there. 

Here at the FRBS a figure from Phantasy Star is being repaired, can you guess which one? 
Also Tidus is next in queue for a foot operation. 
You can see some of the others stationed for building or completion that are in-progress in the boxes. 
Totoro is the cheif surgeon and mechanic here...not sure if those two things are good or bad together...o.o hmm... 

Another view of the room from May. 

And BAM! Back to present. 
You can see my classic Hatsune Miku scroll in the back. 
Reason I didn't 'poster-up' that set of closet doors is because one door is unstable at the moment and needs repairs. (It keeps flying off) I do like the look here, simpler with a focus but not barren or anything. 
I also have a way of tightly fitting scrolls taken off their brackets into the under-areas of my larger shelves. 
From right to left I have K-ON!, Haruhi, and Miku (who is cut off in the photo above) which creates a nice area of larger art portions that fit over the bed and take up that space. 
The right big shelf above the bed is dedicated to Final Fantasy Play Arts figures, and you can see the moogle that floats above my bed- however he is being shy in this photo and is looking away.
Here you can see more of what I was talking about just previously. 
I've also since fit my scrolls (now cloth posters) to fit more tightly, like the Miku and K-ON! one. 
Here's a look at this shelf, apologies for blurriness.

My Azusa shrine. 


Also if you've been wondering what some of the dangling objects seen in the tops of some of the above photos are, they're just some charms I've collected that I like to hang from the lamp switches. 
Konata is my favorite. 
And if you noticed, I have an overhead lamp/fan combo. I can finally discard my old box fan I use in the summer, and my new light does a splended job illuminating the room. 
This also means I was able to eliminate the old lamps I had (besides my desk lamp I installed underneath it) which made room for more things. Also my light is centered which is a blessing if you know why. 
Before, I struggled to center my light and I hated having darker portions of the room and lights of different brightness. >.< It was a shoddy setup but I got by. Thankfully its all good now. 

Decided to restore my Xenosaga shrine but I updated it, choosing a different layout and poses for figures. 
Have some of my FF collector's boxes on the side with some Kami nomi figures and that nice Shana there. 

Some of my favorite figures of all time are my Nanoha figma. 
I really want to finish collecting them, but I have my all-time favorites for now. 


One last area before this tour ends- I have a hallway-like entrance zone for this room which looked like this back in may. 

You could see a portion in one of the above photos, but here you can more clearly see it all. 
My Lucky Star figures are on the left, and I have a Toradora poster on the door on the left which leads to a nice private bathroom. 
Further down on the back of the main door you can see a 'fantasstic' poster from Kyoukai Senjo no Horizon. Above the door I posted 2 collectible fans, one is from the Final Fantasy XI 5th Anniversary VanaFest, and the other is one of Reimu Hakurei from a doujin artist. 
On the right wall you can't see it here but its a collection of autographs, look at the next photo. 

These are a few of my autographs that I cherish that I enjoy posting on the wall. 
I eventually will frame them but I'm not sure if I wont eventually move them out into another part of my house or if that area will always have them there. 
I use a light amount of tape that easily pulls off so they aren't damaged at all. 
For now its a nice hall of achievements to walk past when entering RA:N HQ. 

I have more but I wouldn't be able to fit them all if I decided to post all of my autographs up like this. I have many items that are not paper that are autographed as well, which is about half of my games, artbooks, and other things I bring along with me when I work with and meet guests of events and creators, actors, and more. Some of them are also personal messages from people I've worked with. 

They're all mine, if you happen to closely examine by chance you'll notice 2 or 3 with another name- those are from a certain convention that restricted one person from obtaining more than 1. XD Trololololololo 

Also if you've kept up with my collection over the years, you may notice there's just a few manga, games, and figures missing- which were my soon-to-be ex wife's.
Thankfully she didn't get away with any of my personal belongings and things in RA:N HQ of mine. x.x;;

All is well and continuing to get better. Thanks for your support! ^^

If you're interested in seeing how my room has evolved over the past 10 years, check this post out!

Room 4

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