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Hardcore Danmachi Fan Makes "Hestia Knife"

A fan of popular RPG parody anime Danmachi (Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) who goes by @Nachtgreif, posted to Twitter recently about his home-made replica of the Hestia Knife, seen in the series. 

He made the replica himself using crafted acrylic and plastic to give off that sweet blue glow. 

He stated as well on Twitter that the knife has a special secret slot for AA batteries. This is so badass I would totally buy one if they were made by retailers...*hint hint*

The one from the show. 

 Named after the rabidly popular goddess, the "Hestia Knife" is the protagonist's weapon of choice in Danmachi. 

Are you currently watching Danmachi? What do you think so far? 


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