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[RA:D] New Otaku HQ 5.28.15

Alas, here I am again setting up a new HQ! Moved recently as the old place had become rubbish. There's loads of work to do here so it is quite a mess at the moment. ^^;; 
"RA:D" is my "Run Around:Diaries" series where I write about random things here in the HQ, its been a long time since I added anything to this category. I plan to make it a regular occurrence.
As you can see above most of my workspace has been rebuilt, most shelves are in place, and some of the treasure put away. 

My design and layout plan. Initially I was completely against moving here due to the slightly smaller width than the last place- and also what I felt was a lack of space originally. 
There's also an entire wall dedicated to a huge sliding glass door, and the other is a built-in desk and 2 closets. I made the great decision to go with this layout as it kind of can't be done any other way, so I'm happy it worked out. ^^;; Jackie, as mentioned in the pic above, is my life-assistant and adviser who makes fantastic sandwiches, usually found in the kitchen. ^^
Speaking of which, this is her desk where we have a few more devices placed. 
This is so we can survey all of the waifus in the baseme- woops! I mean the front yard. 
The artbooks, larger manga, and other books are put away on the left. The right side has PS Vita, PSP, DS games, and CDs mostly. 
Any of the figurines around that you see are not in final position. Just a few were unpacked from searching for other items.

Bed area- its really huge! In this picture it makes the room look small from that angle but trust me it isn't. >.<; We're actually trying out a new bed and thought hey! why not just put it right there in the middle of everything!? XD Its actually killing my back so we may have to switch it out soon. O-o We'll see. 
Yes yes everything looks messy now- and it is driving me crazy but construction comes first before decor. The reason for the white chair is that I've actually been using it as a ladder. ^^;; Have a stepladder that is a bit wonky and wobbly so I don't trust it. But that old sturdy chair = win. 
Everything does look smaller in these pictures though. 

Plenty of posters to put up here. These stacks actually have a lot more in them that it looks like as well- some of the megami posters are 30+. 
They needed a good sorting by width, size, and usage- as some small ones I use as "patches" to fill in small awkward spaces.
There's actually 2 other stacks off to the sides as well. 
I'll be using some of the same ones from last time, but have acquired some new ones since, so I'll be having some fresh eye candy. 
Everything's dusty from moving and shifting things around. Drilling for the shelves released a load of weird paint dust stuff. Bleh! No use in vacuuming until all the unpacking and construction is finished up. 

Some kind of drink spewed onto one of my speakers. >.> Other than that I need to wipe down the screen- other random items just laying around right now. o-o 
A great idea I had while working out the ins and odds of where everything would fit, was building the entertainment center in front of the slider door. I chose black curtains this time to block out heat and light for the electronics, but looks great when opened on a bright cool day since there are no windows in this room. :( 
But also no glares! :D 
You can kind of see Figma Sigmund on the right. :P 
Oh, and that Viking hat is what I wear naked while playing Battlefield. If you ever see me wearing it you'll know I've took some tags. For some reason the energy given to me by taking tags in BF4 is pretty extreme that my clothes rip right off every can be a nuisance in the winter months. ~_~

Some of the first posters to go up over the desk. They're some of the same ones that were above my workstation last time- but that's also due to their length from the ceiling to the shelves I put over the desk. ^^;; 

Many of the posters have to be rated from zero to maxium fappage- this means the ones closer to the desk must have a lower rating as to not distract from work. ^^;;;;

At the time of writing this there are actually a few more up. I'll update again when things are finished up and we'll have a fun time seeing a before and after construction look at things. Posters are from (left to right) Clannad, K-ON!, Black Rock Shooter, and K-ON!!. 

The whole place was recently remodeled with nice features like hardwood floors (finally!) and some nice bathroom and kitchen touches of modern-ness that I may show later on. 
They also painted the walls a nice light-blue but most of that wont be seen in here with my posters. >:D 
Figma Metis, Sigmund, and Subaru up for right now. They wont be staying there but they're currently giving the shelf a great demo for now. 

This room actually has an entry-way which is pretty nifty so others who are walking around the place can't see in well if I'm dancing around naked again with glow-sticks to Suzumiya-sama. 
Door on the right leads out, door on the left leads to the new bathroom. ^^ It is really handy to have a bathroom close by, during those long hours of grinding levels one needs to be able to pee quickly and get back in action.

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