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Star Wars Battlefront Release Date Leak

Today I'm having an excellent day. Things are going great around the site, I've got a bowl of chow mein, and there's Star Wars news! 

Back when I first made Run Around:Kazu, an old project back in 2009 that became Run Around:Network today, one of the first posts I made was about some leaked footage of a game called, "Star Wars Battlefront III". 
Back then it had been 4 years since any major entry in the Star Wars Battlefront franchise, completely dropping off in 2005. 
Needless to say I was ecstatic about Battlefront 3 because it seemed to become a thing where each Battlefront game would improve massively in gameplay. 
All I could think about was how many new vehicles I could use- or how the old ones would handle even better. I would also wonder how much bigger space battles would get, and the exciting part of the Battlefront III leak back then was a part where you could engage in pretty massive battles and decide when to leave the planetary battles and/or space battles and leave and exit space and planets back and forth. 
The idea of flying away from a hotzone on a planet and joining up with a fleet engaged in dogfights in space was something that made my jaw drop. 

The big reveal is coming soon, and we don't necessarily know yet if the reboot of Star Wars Battlefront will have those features or not. If it doesn't I don't care, I am just happy to see Battlefront back after about 10 years now. 

Beautiful. The first real screenshot rendered in in-game engine. 
Leaked from the official Star Wars Battlefront website, the release date for the game will be this year!!! 
Some smarty-pants was clever to read the source code of the page which revealed the date- something I imagine was being set up for tomorrow when the big reveal is supposed to happen. 

That date is November 17th, 2015 for PS4 and XBOX ONE. 

Also the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakened trailer #2 has come out as well, and it is pretty fantastic! 

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