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Gurren Lagann Otoko-gumi dayo! New Manga

Gurren Lagann returns in manga form this June in Shogakukan's Monthly Hero's magazine in the July issue. 
Otoko-gumi dayo! (We're Team Men!) is the final and 3rd work in the drama CD series spinoff of the main franchise. 

Above is preview of the upcoming manga. 
This story is a simple and lighthearted tale about a time that Simon and Kamina hearts began drifting apart over a mystery at the Dai-Gurren Academy concerning some missing yakisoba bread, leading from a small ripple to a humungous ordeal between the two. 

I know, I know...when I heard about more of anything to do with Gurren Lagann I was hoping for some kind of continuation- but hey I'm sure we'll get some good laughs and feels in one (hopefully not) last time. 


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