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Final Fantasy's Worst Dressed Character

Untitled I honestly generally dislike annoying comments about Final Fantasy characters wearing ridiculous or impractical garb, mainly because its obvious that its a freaking video game set in a fantasy world, and it bugs me when people can't let things be at times.
I have always found designer Tetsuya Nomura's fashion sense to be pretty awesome, and on the contrary I have to say I have to agree with most points made by A.V. Club in this freshly posted, and funny article about Tidus from Final Fantasy X.

Named on their site as "Final Fantasy's Worst Dressed Character", Tidus's outfit is completely dissected in a hilarious way that had me giggling the whole time. 
For years I've played FFX doing several playthroughs of the PS2 classic, and even the new remastered editions, wondering just what was up with that arm gear, the high-cut hoodie, and more. 
What really had me rolling was his main suspender-esque pants portion being described as, "...princess-cut, black-metal hip-hop lederhosen." 

A.V. Club's dissection is the total opposite of the Final Fantasy fashion-bashing I expected, instead I found hilarity and truth. 

"It is maddening to see your character swim around in hiking boots and a hoodie that must scoop up water like a ladle." -A.V. Club


They even had a moment to rip on Wakka's outfit as well saying, "His babydoll chemise and upturned shoulder bucket almost merit their own essay." 

The post ends with a little bit of what I honestly thought was nonessential philosophy concerning principles related to the "This is cool even though it isn't practical" and such, while also making mention of the well-known and often harassed "surly" and emo heroes of today. 
But regardless of the ensuing debatable topics, those points about Tidus's outfit and Wakka's shoulder-bucket make this worth checking out. Full article here


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