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Fancy Toilet Exhibit Takes Over Japanese Airport

toilet exhibit 
Over at Narita International Airport there's a big toilet show getting ready to happen. Japanese toilet manufacturer "TOTO" has been working on getting an entire exhibit of "advanced porcelain thrones" ready for departing passengers. 
Starting on April 24th "Gallery TOTO" will begin offering "royal treatments" to visitors who can try out the latest models. 
The showcase is happening in conjunction with the expansion of the terminal 2 building, letting visitors experience new high end creations, and will continue to update the line-up of crappers available to choose from. 

I think that this is an excellent service and experience! 

As mentioned in a video interview over at Japan Times, it all began when Narita Airport invited TOTO to come and showcase Japanese Culture and their toilet technology. 
TOTO's goal was to create an amazing restroom that would impress the world, create a new type of toilet space, not just creating another restroom, but something to appreciate like a gallery. 
Klein Dytham, who assisted TOTO in the creation of this elegant turd aquarium, wanted to make visitors actually wonder if this was a restroom or not- making them contemplate the question, "What Defines a Restroom?" 
Together they created 10 unique stalls with different interiors each. 
The stalls showcase glass walls, toilets that open as you approach them, toilets with inner lighting, various comfortable settings, and more. 

Gallery TOTO happening in Japan on April 24th at Narita Airport. 

Watch the full video presentation: 

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