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Tokyo Steet View Presents Shinjuku in 4K Pt.1

Folks over at Tokyo Street View have been filming amazing 4K Ultra HD videos of many places in Japan for several months now. 
You can check out their blog and other videos here

The new video features "Shinjuku By Night" as titled. 
The description from Tokyo Street View: 

  • "One of Tokyo’s most popular areas, Shinjuku only truly reveals itself at night. Dirty, noisy and somehow vulgar, Shinjuku at night is nonetheless one of the most interesting places to visit in Tokyo. Shinjuku is divided into different smaller areas that are not always welcoming to cameras at night, and for good reason. Among these areas we have the famous “Golden Gai”, a set of small streets crowded with bars that can often fit only a few people at a time and where Japanese salarymen and other partygoers drink until they can no longer walk straight. You will also find “Kabuki-cho”, the “adult” district of Shinjuku with many hostess bars and sometimes more… Limited in our actions and often asked, not always politely, to “%#$% off”, we tried our best to capture the essence, or spirit if you will, of Shinjuku at night – around its station and along Yasukuni Dori. We hope that you will enjoy this series of 2 videos and we will try our best next time to dig deeper into these forbidden streets."  

I could get lost in their videos for quite some time, soaking up the sights and sounds. Unfortunately some of my devices do not meet the requirements to view on the highest settings, causing them to completely combust and explode into tiny particles of awesome.
Best I can get right now is 1440p for the meantime.
Would like to keep following TSV and sharing their videos as they release.

Does Shinjuku tickle your fancy? Or are you more fond of other places in Japan?

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