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[SAS'12] The Conover Podcast Ep.9 - 121327 sample 

As the Sac Anime Summer 2012 hype is finishing its course, Anthony from Mission Start Podcast/The Conover Podcast and I, along with several other podcasters and bloggers, recorded the latest episode of The Conover in which we discussed the SAS'12 convention weekend alongside our thoughts for the future of Sac Anime. Continue to listen here via YouTube!

In the podcast below we talk about our personal experiences, thoughts on the con, the future, and many things that could change- ideas- and more! 

 Also definitely check out Mission Start's other podcasts and download them for free on iTunes! Listening to The Conover Podcast is a great way to get a good feel for the events that we talk about in The Conover, and what happened at them. We have some great discussions- also Mission Start Podcast which is currently on a small hiatus- very good and recommended as well!

-Hikaru Kazushime


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