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Launching a little over one month ago, this site ( has posted 26 items related to Japanese Pop-Culuture, Conventions, Interviews, Comics, Movies, and more- that being with a few off-days, a busy convention weekend, and maintenance periods.
Read on for our exciting statistics!

Pax Prime 2012
This past 30 days has had nearly 50,000 visitors in over 10 major countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Philipines, Austrailia, Germany, Israel, China and Sweden. 
As of September 15th, there are roughly 15,000 returning or regular "unique" users, with a combined total of 44 different registered accounts that have been interacting, commenting, and taking part in the community portion of our site.
It is a fact that it sometimes takes thousands of views before anyone will make a comment or register for your website or blog. If you're running a blog or website do not be discouraged if you're not getting much activity yet.
Don't forget that you can share your news in our community sections just under the latest posts on the homepage!

Pax Prime 2012
In the RUN AROUND:EXTEND which is the name of our "Extended Network" which covers our activity, news, and links to news here on from several social media sites, campaigns, other blogs and news sites, appearances at conventions, twitter, facebook, etc... we have reached a wopping 350,000 (roughly) people in 20 countries in over 20 different languages- out of the 67 languages offered here at RA:N.

From the data I've collected from the extended network, 41.7% of you are female, while the remaining 58.3% are male. 
Our main demographic seems to be users from the ages between 18-24, followed closely by users ages 25-34.
Also interesting to see is how you are viewing

44% FireFox
29% Chrome
9% Internet Explorer
8% Safari
4% Mobile Safari
Other browsers make up less than 1%.

Operating Systems:

75% Windows
12% Macintosh
 4% Android
3% iPhone
2% Linux
Other OS make up less than 1%.

Pax Prime 2012
Aside from myself (Hikaru Kazushime who writes 100% of the content on this site and the majority in the extended network) there are over 10 journalists from 3 different countries contributing photos and coverage of events.
In most coverage posts I take all photos and provide all information by myself (which is a tough job) however it is handy to feature other's coverage from events that I can't physically make it to- such as PAX 2012 and SAS'12 which happened on the same weekend- yet I have coverage of both events for you.
If you would like to contribute your photos/news to RUN AROUND:NETWORK please check back soon, as we will be updating our partnership/affiliate pages in the next week. For now you can post in the community on the homepage!

So far it seems that our Sac Anime coverage, along with coverage of other events around California seem to be our most popular articles posted. Even though it has only been a month, I also have my previous statistics from the old Run Around:Network and Run Around:Kazu from years past- before the big August 2012 comeback- and this still proves to be true.
One thing I've always wanted, is to show the world just how active and important the enormous Japanese Pop-Culture scene is here in California.
In previous articles I have made mention that California is "...the most active place in the world outside of Japan to celebrate and hold Japanese Pop-Culture events and conventions..." which continues to be a reality for all who live here.

One of my missions is to continue to delve into the community and participate at conventions with my company RUN AROUND:NETWORK to further promote, share, teach, and entertain on not only my work in the industry, but Japanese Pop-Culture as a whole.
Above you can see myself (in the suit) alongside my comrades "Team LoveHate", teaching Sac Anime attendees about the Itasha sub-culture. We had a very exciting and engaging panel, in which you can read about and watch here.

Pax Prime 2012
As far as the future of posts goes here at RUN AROUND:NETWORK, I plan on kicking it up a notch ideally tripling or quadrupling our current post-to-day schedule.
We have a nav-bar that currently has many sections that are un-clickable due to the lack of posts. (there isn't enough posts to fill in all the topics yet, so please be patient as the site is only 1 month old!)
I'd also like to know what you like and dislike about the main site, so please comment your opinions below!

Special things coming up:

PAX 2012 Coverage
Comike 82 Photo Gallery
RA:N YouTube Revamp
Updated Navbar Links
RA:N Play-Asia Shop
Updated About Pages and FAQ section
...and very likely much more!

I will continue to update like this now and then to track my progress as our network and community grows, and also to connect with you on any of the positive and negative aspects that you can voice your opinion about in the comments below. 

-Hikaru Kazushime

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