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RA:N x Sac Anime

Once again I will be returning to Sac Anime to engage readers, talk about my work, cover the event for all of you, and participate at a panel. Recently I posted, "The Big Guide to Sac Anime Summer 2012" which serves as a guide for the event this weekend and fills you in on whats going on and such. However I wanted to make this post since many of you from Facebook and Twitter have been asking me what my personal schedule is and where/how can you see me during the con. 

Conventions usually go one way or another- either I make plans and keep them, or I make plans and the wild, crazy, and wonderful tornado -that can sometimes be anime conventions- picks me up and takes me for a ride while I try very hard to meet and talk with each and every one of you- while sticking to those same plans. It is usually the second one that tends to occur more often. I will also be doing a lot of meetings with other industry folk, bloggers, and the like. So will probably be very busy as usual. Also! Some of you have been asking about RA:S, so I wanted to mention that this year's "Run Around:Sacramento" instead of being a RA:N meetup or panel it will include our involvement with Team LoveHate to bring you a special panel about Itasha where I will be present. 

Anywho- at this time I have a good idea of when/where/how you can find me during the convention as I am pretty sure (and positive on some) that I'll be at these events. 

Friday, August 31st 
 -12 Noon-3:30pm I'll probably be wandering about, meeting with folks, and grabbing some crowd coverage. 
 -1:00pm-7:00pm - Open CCG Gaming - Will try to stop by the card game room, I want to bring my decks and play a few rounds with some of you. This also goes for other days as well. 
-4:00pm-12:00am - Open Video Gaming - Another thing that goes for all days. I'd like to stop by and play some great fight games also. Of course that goes for any of the 3 days if there's a time I'm not too busy. 
-4pm-5pm - I'll be at Opening Ceremonies. 
-6:30pm-7:00pm - Art of Itasha - Teaming up with Team LoveHate to bring this panel to you with lots of facts about Itasha cars! 
-7:00pm-7:30pm - Japanese Fashion Runway - May pop by this. 
-10:00pm-2:30am - Sac Club Rave - I always attend this! What better way to enjoy time with my readers and fans than to rave with them? 

 Saturday, September 1st 
-12:00pm-1:00pm - Jennifer Hale Q&A - Will be here for sure! FemShep mai waifu~ 
-1:30pm-2:30pm - Voice Actor Overload Q&A - Possibly stopping by here. -6:00pm-8:00pm - Cosplay Masquerade - This very much depends on what I'm doing. As some years go I'm not interested in the Masquerade much since it sometimes turns into just a dance/skit contest...we'll see. 
-10:30pm-2:30pm - Sac Club Rave - If not too tired will pop by to rave with you again! Saturday, September 2nd 
-12:00pm-1:00pm - Harrison Randall Memorial - Will try very hard to make it to this as he was someone very special to the convention, and also someone that I've known since this even began 8 years ago. Unfortunately he passed away and they are having a memorial service for him.
 -12:00pm-1:00pm - Intro to Ball Jointed Dolls - Talking about BJD, Dollfie and such! Very informative if you are looking to become a parent. Will try to be there covering as there are not enough doll events! 
-2:00pm-3:00pm - Voice Actor Q&A Finale - Will be there for sure! FemShep returns!
-3:00pm- 4:00pm - Closing Ceremonies - Will try to make it to closing ceremonies as we say goodbye to the Woodlake Hotel and move on together to the downtown convention center. Winter 2012's Closing Ceremonies in January was very enlightening and enjoyable. 

Aside from the usual Vendor's Room shopping shenanigans you will most likely see me at the events listed above. I'll also be scurrying and running around (pun intended) trying to get the most out of this year's coverage. I will also be using this event to collect mass quantities of film for a very special project that of which I will announce at a later date! 

So if you see me don't be afraid to say "ello Kazu!" and whatnot. I'm very approachable and friendly, nor do I bite. After all without you guys, I wouldn't be doing this. 

Also- I'll be wearing my signature "HK" jacket most likely on Friday and Sunday, while sporting a business suit on Saturday! Hope this clears things up! I'll be working VERY hard to ensure that coverage comes very fast after the convention! 

 I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and throughout this weekend! Have a great event! 

-Hikaru Kazushime

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