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5 Tips For Bloggers: Video Recording


At the office Haruhi-chan is showing off the Sony HandyCam HDR-CX130 that we use for filming oppai and pantsu. Today we're going to give you a few tips to help you out if you too wish to film oppai and pantsu. This will also be very helpful to bloggers and online journalists trying to get their content out, but unsure which camera is best. We'll be covering 5 things you'll need. 

1.A Camera 

 The Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 records in 1080p and with 5.1-channel audio. It also has a 30x optical 1,8/2,1-63 wide-angle Sony G Lens that is perfect for all your vlogs, cosplay and convention videos, and interviews, with its amazing zoom function capable of capturing high-quality pantsu wherever you travel. Also this particular one has a touch screen as well. The photo above doesn't do it much justice as you have to actually see the screen with your own eyes to tell the quality. Some reviews of these cameras have been a bit scathing, so I don't recommend looking up any big review that any major tech site has made since they are usually very picky. They only want the purest, highest quality and a million features that a standard blogger, vlogger, or anyone really, would never need in the first place. Here's an example of the quality and a video that you can make with this camera: 

And the 1080p is actually good HD unlike some cameras out there. I personally recommend the Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 because it is great at doing what it does. The quality, audio, and zoom function was enough to sell me. Many sites and some bloggers recommend the Sony Bloggie- the successor to the late Sony Webbie- DON'T get it...I wasted over 100$ USD on a Bloggie PM5 and got a terrible handheld camera that struggled to even produce 720p at 30fps, and within a year was worth barely 40$ USD. Now, the Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 with the wide-angle lense and 42x extended zoom may set you back around $200-$300 USD, but its definitely worth it. Mix that in with a great video editor like Sony Vegas and you're golden! As Vegas has an insta-youtube-upload function, and offers some of the highest and more affordable editing software that is perfect for folks who want to edit HD footage. 

2.A Good Battery 

Another thing I need to mention is that there is one downside to the camera, as the battery life is drained quickly from producing such high-quality video. However, this can be fixed and you can buy larger batteries for it. The behemoth on the right is a much stronger lithium battery that can last for 10 hours of straight filming. You can see the size comparison of the batteries to the Fate Nendoroid Petit which is roughly 6cm. 

3.A Tripod 

All folks who film should consider getting a tripod. Above is my tripod with fully extended legs, but can go higher as the central pillar can be raised to reach nearly 6ft. Tripods help you get still shots and footage that can be much more accurate than holding the camera. Typically you would want to use one when getting crowd footage from a vantage point or a wide area. You might even need it to keep the camera steady while walking with it over your shoulder with the legs drawn in. There are many ways to use a tripod- but only you can decide which ways you want to. 

There are many brands of tripod. Mine happens to be a Dynex which is actually a very sturdy and reliable brand. Its up to you to decide which kind you want- although I recommend the Dynex. 

And when you get yours, play with it a little bit. Its not hard to learn how to use one, but you will want to be familiar with yours- I've made many mistakes getting used to mine, and if you're not careful your camera could flip to one side or even fall off! 

A good tripod will also come with one of these. I call it a "level" but others call it a measure and a number of other things. To me "level" makes sense as it keeps things "level". This is so you know your camera or tripod is even and isn't tipping to one side. 

The "head" where mostly every kind of video camera, SLR, and whatnot attaches to- which isn't as complicated as it looks so no worries! Don't be discouraged even if it looks complicated. 

4.Transferring Your Content 

Next I want to show you this...or well, Haruhi-chan does. I call it "the cube". Found at a 99 cents store, this little cube that is roughly 6cm can transport data through USB as well as SD cards! Its genious if you have data on a camera's SD card or internal storage and your PC doesn't have an SD card slot- this can solve the problem and greatly speed up the transfer progress! See the next picture. 

5.Storage and Transferring continued- 

The SD card fits easily in here which you can then insert via USB into a computer. From there you'll have your files on your computer and then proceed to edit or upload them! For storage it depends on how often you film. I recommend a 16GB SD card at least, but if you film a lot I'd say go with the 32 GB because high quality video needs a big memory card to save on. You don't want to finally get the pantsu shot of your dreams and have your camera run out of space! 

This is what my cube x memory card combo looks like transferring to the computer. Even has a little red LED on the top to let you know those oppai photos made it onto the desktop! Now, you may not be able to find this same one, but you can definitely search and find something like this. And if you don't, don't worry! The Handycam has its own hidden USB- but its a lot faster to just plug the card straight into the USB. ^^;; These are the things that I recommend to you if you're looking to get into filming for a blog or website. Even just vlogging, these steps will get the job done. 

Extra Tip: A Snack 

This one isn't a necessary step, but it is always good to have a snack around or something to munch on during video editing that can sometimes last a while. Stay healthy and don't go for too long without eating! Don't know about you but I can sometimes be a workaholic- sometimes to the point I where I skip meals. What about you? Do you get any munchies while blogging/vlogging/editing/working? Will be covering more topics like these as I'd like to share my knowledge and skill to help others make the most of their content. Is there anything like this type of post that you'd like me to talk about? Let me know. -Hikaru Kazushime

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