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Run Around:Diaries 7.30.11

JUN 30 11 

As of today, RUN AROUND:NETWORK is back online and fully operational! If you didn't know, we went down for almost 2 months due to a very long, difficult, transfer to our new place! That's right! We've moved our office, and we very much like it here versus the old place. Not only has our surroundings changed, but since I've been back online Google +, YouTube, Blogspot, and more has changed quite a bit. Seemingly- for the good. Anywho, I'd like to take this moment to fill you in on a few things I've been up to in the recent weeks. The first thing, is actually above! Cosplayer Living Ichigo (on the right) and I are standing outside of the Scottish Rite Center, home to Sac-Con. Sac-Con is a smaller con that takes place several times a year here in Sacramento. We dropped by and took this awesome shot. Woot! Sac-Con coverage is on the way with loads of more stuff so stay tuned! 

Here's a shot of the new office! The majority of it is on the left side of the room since the right side is just a giant closet with mirrors for doors. When everything's totally finished up, I'll update with a walkthrough of our collection and workspace!
Here's a wide angle shot of the room. 

And here it is! The new workspace! Yes my friends, this is where the magic happens/will happen! On the desk is my trusty notepad, customized PSP, DSiXL, Record of Agarest War oppai mousepad, HP Mini, latest GameInformer mag, iPhone 3GS, 2nd Gen iPod Nano, my trusty green thermos, and my Sony Bloggie. Also sporting some Puchi Nenoroids as well, and a mini cog I found laying on my monitor stand- kind of like it being that cogs and gears are a theme here on RA:N. I believe RA:N will one day be a very important cog in the gear of life. XD 

Our musume (daughter) Audrie. Seems shes taking a liking to Google +! She is the scene type... 

Close up. 

Also during our downtime, my Grandfather who was nearing 92 years old, died of colon cancer. He was a great man, and taught me much. He was pretty much the only real father figure I've ever had. I took many more photos of the funeral. It was pretty neat seeing the military guys since they came to honor a fallen comrade. Will update with more pics in another article. 

This photo struck me in some way. Can't really tell why. I guess its because the setting was interesting or...I don't know. I guess maybe because it represents the very end of someone's life. But he's in that little gold box there. ^_^ 

And last thing! This was taken just a few days ago at Applebees! I am doing very well and have recovered from that nasty cold/flu thing I had a while back. Many of you were commenting on Facebook, worrying about me. So I just wanted to let you know I am doing well! Also- to my left is wifey! (Mana-chan) Mana is an artist, and also a major otaku- and the one thing shes missing is...a blog! So, very soon in the future we'll actually be collabin' on a super secret project! So that's the big news for today! My wifey (currently fiancee' but still wifey to me!) is officially RA:N's next partner! For now I leave you. I'm happy I was able to update you all! After I post this, I will immediately begin working on finishing up some updates to RA:N and I'll then be working on this next weeks worth of posts! So please, stay tuned! You wont regret it! :D

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