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The End of Anime Insider

 MAR 28 09


I can't believe this is happening! This quirky little magazine called "Anime Insider" is now folding. 
It was always on the stands at my local grocery store. 
I always used to look for it while grocery shopping to reduce some of the bore. I once hid 3 copies and came back the next day to pay for them. 

It never was really good, I mean, they were sometimes a little late to talk about some things, and the magazine itself was very small, but hey, it was a nice little pickup from the grocery store! I'll never forget this little magazine...First Newtype USA now this...I really hope OtakuUSA doesn'>.> Apparently this has happened because the staff was laid off. ~_~ Here's the original article: Anyone out there ever pick one of these up?

The cover shown here was the 50th issue, the company higher-ups payed for an exclusive illustration from Gainax. 
Rei, Asuka, and the cake were drawn by Fumio Iida, an artist who’s worked on a staggering variety of animation, from the original Macross movie to that Little Nemo film to Gurren Lagann (plus Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates). 

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