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Hundreds of Final Fantasy XIV Players Upset Over Las Vegas 2018 Ticket Outrage

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 Frankfurt  
Greatly anticipated tickets went live today for the Las Vegas Fan Festival for the popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV which boasts over 10 million+ adventurers. Within 20 minutes of going live, the tickets were completely sold out, leaving even those who reserved a spot to purchase one, out in the dust even to those who didn't reserve a spot at all

On Final Fantasy XIV's Official Twitter account it was promised that they were working on 'monitoring traffic and steadily increasing the amount of tickets available to be purchased' about 1 hour ago when tickets went live. 
For the past half-hour, outraged fans who were treated with "We're sorry, the Las Vegas show is completely sold out." have been taking to twitter to air their thoughts, some immediately mentioning my own thoughts as well which relate to the show's desperate need for a larger venue.
This sort of thing can be expected of infamously large events like San Diego Comic Con which caps its attendance at about 250,000. 
Normally conventions and fan festivals have a limit to how many tickets can be sold roughly based on legal city building capacity limits, which usually say that too many people in one area is a fire or health hazard. That's why they need to pick a bigger venue. 
As someone who's been involved in the convention industry since 2004, I can tell you there's a lot of planning and thinking that goes into the process of making an event happen. 

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 Frankfurt

Some of my thoughts have been that Square Enix is set on Las Vegas because of how much activity Los Angeles receives during the summer's heavy "con-season" with events like E3 and Anime Expo nearly taking place back to back. That's also not to mention the humongous list of California's events related to video game and anime pop culture which occur throughout the year. Its still not an excuse but a thought. Why I mention LA is due to how close the relations are between anime and video game companies and California, and while there are many great venues throughout the United States, I can't imagine Fan Festival in NYC, Texas, (Maybe Chicago, they sure like to keep putting Distant Worlds there, but that's a concert), or Washington, even though the location for PAX WEST wouldn't be too shabby for Fan Festival. 

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 Frankfurt

I still think Square Enix could fit Fan Festival in somewhere else in Las Vegas, or in California, because there are other conventions run by much less financially backed sources that house triple the attendances of Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival. 

I find it very screwed up that Square Enix allowed people to reserve a spot to buy tickets and allowed others without reservations to purchase them anyways, as if one person who was in charge just hit a big red "GO!" button with lots of cash in their mind, and no care for those who got screwed, who truly wanted to go. Combine that with poor venue planning, research, and the present state of their mindset about it all which includes a message saying "Tickets are all SOLD OUT!" with a party popper emote (which just adds insult at this point) and no other replies. 

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 Frankfurt

Here's some of the tweets going around that speak the minds of many others just like them: 

@Cleeeees "Hey, maybe you should consider getting a bigger venue if you sell out before people can get through the queue" 

@siverstorm "The amount of people I've seen who have played religiously since launch and couldn't get past the queue only to see the sold out message is pretty unforgivably bad." 

@re_motts "I'm legitimately considering ending my sub over this. I have no desire to pay money to a company that so blatantly does not care about its loyal customers." 

@zensandgarden "I never thought I'd say this but I'm in the same boat. It just seems like they don't care at all. This was so haphazard." 

@AndroidSophia "What are you going to do about the hundreds of people who's significant others couldn't get tickets because your queue goofed up?" 

@LillacTyanu "Some people in my fc needed the code on the hour while on mobile, the pc ones didnt"

@umaikaze "I still hate how theyre probably not going to address it." 

Apparently within the first minutes of the fiasco, Square Enix released special codes to help the process along which mostly proved useless. 

Twitter users have stated that mobile buyers had to use a code, while those on PC didn't need one. Another tweet boasted about having a 'Slot Bot' that purchased 20 tickets, and others are concerned about friend-groups, carpools, and family who are now split between those who got a ticket and those who didn't, foiling the plans of hundreds. 

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 Frankfurt

Others have begun arguing that the Rio hotel venue where the event is located, should be able to fit upward of 20k attendees, while others debate the true number of tickets sold which is rumored to only be around 1,000. It also seems that some Twitter users are calling out ShowClix, the company that is beginning to appear partially responsible for the travesty. 

Many feel it is unlikely that Square Enix will even address the issue or make any amends whatsoever. 

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival will also commence in Paris, France in February 2019, and finish with Japan in March 2019. 
The festival is most-known for being the live event that announces the name and first details of Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion and upcoming content, as well as being an event for Final Fantasy XIV cosplayers and fans to meet up, see exclusive panels, play carnival-style mini-games based on FFXIV, and buy merchandise. 

Images used are owned by RA:N and were taken at the 2017 Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Germany.

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