runaroundnetworkvisualculturewallpaperWhat is RA:N?

Run Around:Network is a multimedia entity founded and run by Hikaru Kazushime.
This site at runaroundnet.com acts as the main portal to Visual Culture and all updates to anything concerning RA:N and Hikaru Kazushime.
While the main site is the largest chunk, RA:N is also extended through social media pages and offline events that keep it's readers connected to the worlds surrounding the vast array of topics it covers.

What is Visual Culture?

Visual Culture is an important term that includes, but is not limited to: Anime, Manga, Music, Gaming, Comics, Novels, Movies, TV, Fashion, Comedy, Cosplay, Conventions, Figurines, and much more. 
These things are (should be) the lifeblood of any Pop-Culture related site, and are represented proudly here.
Many topics relate to Japan and J-Culture here on RA:N, which lives at the heart.
The importance of covering Visual Culture instead of this site being another "Bob's Anime Blog" for instance, is that it closely puts each subculture on display in a mixed but organized way for the reader to soak in many topics from such a diverse otaku/geek/nerd world we have today.

What does Run Around:Network do?

This website reports a multitude of news related to Visual Culture, organized and presented in a loud style that is responsive to all devices. 
Here at runaroundnet.com you'll also find various musings and posts from Hikaru Kazushime, unique news and coverage of events, and honest, non-paid reviews.
You can find galleries of cosplay, listen to podcasts (soon), get tips on learning Japanese or places to see in Japan, find the latest news in gaming and anime, and even buy and/or pre-order hot items from trusted retailers directly from our 'popular titles' portion on the sidebar.
Join the RA:Community (AVAILABLE SOON) by clicking on the community tab up on the navbar.
Posts of popular value and interest from the community could be shared as well on the homepage, giving writers and members chances to expose their content.
This site offers a guide through the world of Visual Culture, with most items being written by Hikaru Kazushime.
Occasionally RA:N will host events during conventions and other events, sometimes exclusively in public places. 
RA:N Events include giveaways, charity raffles, How-To Industry Panels, CGM Focus Panels w/Special Guests, Motivational and Success talks, and Visual Culture Introductory Panels.
RA:E (Run Around:Extend) exists primarily as the Social Media net of RA:N.
Through social media, RA:N keeps you informed and often entertained through content related to the topics covered on this site.
Follow on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

All content represented by Run Around:Network is made from a fan AND professional viewpoint.

If you have any questions pertaining to RA:N or for Hikaru Kazushime you can send email to: kazushimehikaru@gmail.com

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About Hikaru Kazushime

Hikaru Kazushime is an American entrepreneur from the USA who lives in California and is the creator of Run Around:Network, a brand that brings Visual Culture to life. Kazu (called for short) is an active personality in the anime and gaming industries and sub-culture scenes. Kazu resides in his hometown of Sacramento, California where he manages RA:N from his home office. Learn more about Kazu by clicking the "About Hikaru Kazushime" link at the top under the "About" tab.


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