In the latest trailer showed by Square Enix for the upcoming arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, we get a fine look at what the game would look like on the PlayStaion 4. 
The game is currently in development for arcades in Japan, but we get a fine/early look with side-by-side comparison for arcade to early PS4 footage. 

Now don't get too excited, a PS4 version has not officially been announced, but it seems highly likely that the developers have an interest in bringing the game to PS4. Personally I feel like it would be a total shame if they didn't, people have been asking for an HD remake of 2008's PSP Dissidia for a long time, and this game would do incredibly well on the PlayStation 4 where Final Fantasy is establishing its name early- and quite well. 

With the likes of Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Type-Zero, the Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster, Dissidia Final Fantasy on the PS4 fits right at home. 
As exciting as all of that sounds though, they have commented that they will need "at least a year" after the arcade version's launch, and that they'd like fans to be able to enjoy this game in arcades first. 
With as long as we've waited for other FF games, and with JRPGs coming out months or years ahead of their western counterparts, a year feels like no time...at least it will when Dissidia Final Fantasy for the PS4 is announced/released. 

This second video shows off more gameplay. We can see Y'shtola from FFXIV (a major plus here, who wasn't in the original PSP game), plus Warrior of Light, Cloud, Onion Knight, Terra, and Lightning.

And man, that song- a revamp of the original Dissidia theme, is pretty awesome!

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