A Look At Summer Wars Creator's Next Big Project

On April 12th we got a sneak peak at Studio Chizu and Mamoru Hosoda's next big project, "The Boy and The Beast". 
Thanks to Madman Entertainment we've got a longer english-subbed trailer to feast our eyes on. 

The movie's animation looks exsquisite and features a unique story about two worlds that must never interact with eachother- our world, and the world of the "Bakemono" or "Beast World". 
Set in both Shibuya Tokyo (our world) and the Beast World, we enter the story of a lonely boy who finds himself lost within the Beast World, only to meet up with Kumatetsu, a badass sword-toting Beast man who takes the boy under his wing as a disciple, and renames him Kyuta.

We don't know much else about the plot- yet. 

Hosoda wrote and scripted the movie, which comes out this July 11th.

I loved Summer Wars myself, and Wolf Children was great.
What do you think? Your cup of tea?

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