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MAY 4 11 
Recently, I spoke in public at "The Social Fan: Social Anime Network", which was an event I hosted at the Red Lion Inn during Decepti-Kon 2011. Above, Jacob Rose from Black Rose Enterprises on the right, and some readers (including giveaway winner Alex!) take a memorial photo with me at the end of the event. 'Twas a smaller convention, but we had roughly 50 readers there. ^^ 

I spoke about the online social world of today, and what that could mean to you if you are a person who wants to share their fandom with others, whether it be by blogging or engaging in an online group. I made sure my presentation was presented in a way that would appeal to 3 separate groups of people. 1.Bloggers who like to talk about their otaku fandom. 2.Micro-bloggers who just like to blog on social sites and link to their fandom. 3.People who aren't bloggers, but want to share and embrace a community related to their fandom. 

Had a great time engaging with RUN AROUND:NETWORK readers that attended my talk. Many folks wanted to talk or take memorial photographs after the event. I was quite flattered with some of the feedback like: "Most informational panel I've ever attended!" "I feel I can be a better blogger after listening to you!" "Never met anyone who touched these very important topics at a con!" "Bravest otaku I've ever met!" Thank you to those who have said or e-mailed me these things! It means a lot and I'm glad that I was able to host this panel. I'd like to continue working with/at conventions to bring more events like these around. I believe that panels/talks/presentations about the "social otaku network" is a bit of an untouched subject that should be found more often in the program guides of conventions. Feel free to suggest me as a guest if you want to have more RUN AROUND:NETWORK at your favorite con! 

Quick snap before folks started coming in. We had a great event, every seat except for two was taken! Will probably need a bigger room next time. ^^;; 

This was the left side of the table that I sat behind during my panel. As you can see, there's an assortment of my favorite figures -ones which were easy to bring with me of course- and some books I recommended to the crowd. 

And the right side. Had my iPhone 3GS with me for notes, and it came in handy! On the far right is wifey's custom BJD (ball-jointed doll) Fairyland Shushu, "Audrie". Audrie needed to get out of the house a bit so we brought her along. As for the rest of the convention that I held my event at- the coverage will be up soon, so keep an eye out!
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